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Drawing BM 2, Sem 1

Drawing terms to study for Drawing Benchmark 2

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The arrangement of the parts in an artwork, usually according to the principles of design.
A design principle that refers to differences in values, colors, textures and other elements in an artwork to achieve emphasis and interest.
contour drawing
A single line drawing which defines and outer shape and inner contours of people or objects.
A method of shading with fine, parallel lines crossed in overlapping directions to achieve dark values.
A substance sprayed onto charcoal, pastel or pencil drawings to prevent smearing.
An element of design which is 3-D and encloses volume.
gesture drawing
A scribbly type of line drawing that captures the movements and gestures of an active figure.
A greasy, natural carbon material that is used in making lead pencils.
Element of art that is a continuous mark made on a surface with a moving tool.
Free-form, or a quality that resembles living things. The opposite of geometric.
perspective drawing
A method of drawing on a flat surface to give the illusion of depth, or the third dimension.
positive space
The objects in an artwork, as opposed to the background or area around the objects.
A piece of art work featuring a person, several people or an animal. These are usually facial, but may be full figure.
preliminary sketch
A planning sketch, usually on a smaller scale, to determine the basic arrangement of a design for a larger work of art.
The careful and complete drawing of an object, place or person, to make it appear realistic.
Using a drawing medium to form darkened areas that produce a feeling of form or depth.
A design element that is 2-D and encloses space.
Element of art referring to the emptiness or area between, above, around, below or within objects. Can be positive (occupied) or negative (empty).
still life
An arrangement of non-living objects to draw or paint.
subject matter
The things in an artwork about which the artist is communicating.
An element of design that refers to how things feel or how they look like they might feel. Perceived through sight or touch.
Element of art that relates to the lightness or darkness of a shade or color.

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