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Social Studies unit two

Unit two test for social studies. Good luck!

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The Chaldean King who built the Hanging Gardens and destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was ______.
Nebuchandnezzer II
People in Sumer were considered upper class based on their _______ and their ______.
Occupation, Gender
Because the Persians allowed other peoples in their empire more freedom, there were __________.
Fewer revolts in their empire than in most of the region's earlier empires
The Assyrians can be remembered as being __________.
Warrior Librarians
The Asyrian King Ashurbanipal established a huge library in his capital of _________.
Hammurabi created a written code of laes to help him __________.
Rule his empire
The fertile cresent stretches from the _______ to the _________.
Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea
What happerns when you grow a surplus of food?
Your population grows, people begin to do different jobs, you develop government, religion, art, trade, writing
Because they were the first to farm, Sumerians are considered the world's first ________.
The Akkadians established the world's first _______.
Historians know so much about sumer because of _________.
The written records they left behind
The ________ of the Tigris and Ephrates Rivers is very fertile.