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How did the geography of the fertile crescent and mesopotamia affect the development of civiliztions there?
1. Tigris and Euphrates River deposited fertile soil in the floodplain, making farming possible.
2. The flat plain made it easy to invade, resulting in a whole series of civilizations and empires.
3. Its location at a crossroads of trade enable whoever controlled it to become wealthy.
Why were the following inventions or achievements important?
-Hammurabi's Code
-Wheel and Axle
-Cuneiform= The world's first written language, it helped the sumerians and other keep records, record their history, and eventually led to the develpment of an alphabet
-H's Code= Laws written down so everyone would know them, preventing kings and judge's from making arbitrary rules or punishments
-W & A= Made trade and transportation easier, led to the potter's wheel
-Plow= Made planting seeds easier, allowed water to get deeper into the roots, allowed use of animals to do most of the work.