Africa - Regional World Studies

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Indirect RuleBritish and other colonial procedures through which "natives" were used to carry out colonial ruleCash cropsa crop produced to sell rather than for use by the grower.plateauA large area of flat land elevated high above sea leveltropicsregions close to the equator, often with very hot and wet climatebride wealthMoney and goods go to the bride's familyPolygamyhaving more than one spouse at a timeAge grade systemadulthood training where children learn important life skills and are broken up by ageAfrican DiasporaThe separation of Africans from their homeland through centuries of forced removal to serve as slaves in the Americas and elsewhere.LiberiaA West African nation founded in 1822 by the American Colonization Society to serve as a homeland for free blacks to settleSierra LeoneBritish organized colony for freed slavesRacismBelief that one race is superior to anotherAfrican Nationalismthe movement within Africa for independence from colonial powers such as Britain and for civil and political rights in South AfricaPan-Africanismthe principle or advocacy of the political union of all the countries and states of Africa.Jarrod Diamonddefined the concept of Geographic Luck to explain the differences in the development of various culturesNelson Mandelathe first Black president of South Africa (1994 - 1999) after being imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheidFrancois Pienaarcaption of Springboks- South Africa's rugby team, the year they won the world cupChester WilliamsOnly black member of the Springbok rugby teamFrederik Willem de KlerkSouth Africa's president who decided to free Mandela and end apartheidMalariaA disease caused by mosquitoes implanting parasites in the blood.