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What is energy?
Energy interacts with matter to do work. Most of the Earth's energy comes from the sun.
What are the forms of energy?
M—E—L—T—S mechanical electrical light *light *thermal *sound
What is mechanical energy?
Mechanical energy helps us do work. Any machine or person has mechanical energy. When we move our arms to swing a bat, we are using mechanical energy.
What is electrical energy?
Electricity requires a closed circuit to produce light, heat and sound.
What is a closed circuit?
A closed circuit has an uninterrupted flow of electricity. The switch is in the "on" position.
What is an open circuit?
In an open circuit, something has interrupted the flow of electricity (like an insulator). The switch is in the "off" position.
What is a series circuit?
Two or more bulbs and wires that are connected to a battery. They are either both on or both off. Example: Christmas tree lights
What is a parallel circuit?
Two or more bulbs that are connected separately to a battery even if they appear to all be connected. One light can be on and one light can be off.
What is light energy?
A visible form of energy (you can see it).
How does light travel?
In a straight line until it hits another object. Examples: mirror, surface or top of water, glossy or shiny surfaces (even the black desk chairs!)
What is reflection?
light bouncing off a smooth and shiny surface
What is refraction?
Light traveling through another object and bending the light. Examples: water and any kind of lens
What happens to an object when you look at it in water?
The object appears larger and bent. Example: pencil in a cup of water
What is a prism?
A glass bar that can separate white light into individual colors. It refracts light. Example: the light looks like a rainbow.
What is transparent?
Light travels completely through the object allowing the images to be seen. Example: glass
What is translucent?
Allows light to travel through, but not the images or the images appear blurry. Example: wax paper
What is opaque?
Light is unable to pass through the object. Example: aluminum foil
What does thermal mean?
How does heat travel?
Heat energy always travels (moves) from warmer to colder. (hot to cold)
What is sound energy?
A type of energy that travels in waves due to vibrations of matter.