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Grounded Theory and Coding


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Definition of grounded theory
theory is built from the ground up through the examination of multiple instances of an idea or case
How can case studies be formed into grounded theory?
Cases can answer questions intrinsic to a phenomenon through similarities in findings
True/False: grounded theory is sometimes considered its own research methodology
Is grounded theory an inductive or a deductive theory
Grounded theory is an overarching inductive process in which researchers collect...
inductive process in which researchers collect data and analyze it to form theories that explain patterns noted in the responses of participants
What are the main questions of grounded theory?
1. What's going on?"
2. What is the main problem of the participants and how are they trying to solve it?
Do qualitative researchers normally formulate hypotheses in advance? Why or Why not?
no because hypotheses result in a theory that is ungrounded from the data
How is data analyzed in qualitative research?
using coding
What is the heart of the process of coding?
constant comparison: each new element of data is compared to already coded elements to establish and refine categories
What is a coding frame?
list of codes and their definitions
what are the two major kinds of codes?
descriptive codes and Analytic/Theoretical codes
What are descriptive codes?
These are codes that are used to describe what is in the data
What are analytic/Theoretical codes?
These are higher-order codes about what patterns are occurring in the data and why they might be occurring.
What are some questions to ask yourself when coding for grounded theory?
What is going on?
What are people doing?
What is the person saying?
What do these actions and statements take for granted?
How do structure and context serve to support, maintain, impede or change these actions and statements?
After you have coded interviews what do you do next?
start categorizing them (collection of codes with similar content)
After you have categorized then what?
look for themes
Themes in coding could result in
What are the four stages of coding?
1. codes
2. categories
3. themes
4. theory
Is quanitative experimental research inductive or deductive
Grounded theory is different than experimental research in that it operates
in a reverse pattern
Terms you may see: Memoing
Memos are the written record of ideas about codes and their relationships as they emerge during analysis
Terms you may see: Saturation
point of diminishing return (no new information is gathered from coding or interviews)
Terms you may see: Hypothesis testing vs. emergence
grounded theory does not require a hypothesis.
Action research
aim is to understand the research situation
Qualitative research results are discusses as trends or themes based on ____ while quantitative research results are ______ or ______
words. quantities or numbers