Digestive System

Digestion System includes
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-Serous membrane (Largest in the body)
-Visceral: serosa lining organ walls
-Parietal: Lines abdominal wall
-Paritoneal Cavity: with serous fluid
-Serosa between organs: 2 fused layers of visceral peritoneum that binds organs to eachother or to cavity wall
1. Greater Omentum
-"Fatty Apron"
-Over transverse colon and small intestine
-Protects, insulats and reserves energy
2. Lesser Omentum
-Suspendes stomach from the liver
3. Mesentary
-Binds Small and Large Intestines to abdominal wall
-Inner layer
-Faces Lumen
1. Muscularis Mucosa
-smooth muscle
-attached to submucosa
-movement of mucosa
2. Lamina Propria
-CT areloar
-Contains blood and lympth vessels, lympth nodules/tissue (immune)
3. Mucous Epith.
-With goblet cells
-Stratified sq. = esophagus, (mouth and pharynx) and anal canal
-Simple columnar = stomach, small and large intestine