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  1. A process where it is expected to read figured bass symbols while performing the music.
  2. (from Italian concertare: to reach agreement) In 17th c. music, the combination of voices with one or more instruments, where the instruments do not simply double the voices but play independent parts.
  3. the division of the scale based on an octave that is divided into twelve exactly equal semitones
  4. (First Practice) Method of making music strictly according to Zarlino's rules of counterpoint.
    Pg. 298

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  1. Baroquean artistic style of the 17th century characterized by complex forms, bold ornamentation, and contrasting elements
    Pg. 292


  2. Seconda Practicaalso known as Second Practice, Monteverdi's new text-driven approach to music , reverses the relationship between music and text; music reflects textual/ poetic structure and meaning; textual painting
    Pg. 298


  3. Figured BassElaborate passage decorating important cadences to Aria's


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