American History 1783-1800

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On March 15, 1783, a potential uprising of troops in the Continental Army stationed at Newburgh is defused when General Washington personally asks the troops to respect the supremacy of the Congress. The troops were frustrated over back pay and unfunded pensions.


to read Washington's speech: "But as I was among the first who embarked in the defense of our common Country--As I have never left your side one moment, but when called from you, on public duty--As I have been the constant companion & witness of your Distresses, and not among the last to feel, & acknowledge your merits--as I have ever considered my own Military reputation as inseparably connected with that of the Army--. . . While I give you these assurances, and pledge my self in the most unequivocal manner, to exert whatever ability I am possessed of, in your favor--let me entreat you, Gentlemen, on your part, not to take any measures, which, viewed in the calm light of reason, will lessen the dignity, & sully the glory you have hitherto maintained--let me request you to rely on the plighted faith of your Country, and place a full confidence in the purity of the intentions of Congress; that, previous to your dissolution as an Army they will cause all your Accts to be fairly
liquidated, as directed in their resolutions, which were published to you two days ago--and that they will adopt the most effectual measures in their power, to render ample justice to you, for your faithful and meritorious Services.

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