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Small pulmonary arteries are ______

Muscular (cows and pigs are thickest, dog and sheep are the least)

Alveolar Vessels

Surround Alveoli
Are effected by pressure in the alveolus (coughing, straining, etc...)

Extra-Alveolar Vessels

Not effected by pressure in the alveolus
Effected by pressure in the vascular bundles

T/F Vascular resistance is much lower in the pulmonary circulation

True-Not as many areas to provide resistance

(R) Resistance =

Change in pressure/ Flow(cardiac output)

Most of the resistance in pulmonary circulation is found in the ____

Capillary Bed

Quardripeds have a ___-___ preferential blood distribution


Sympathetic nervous system (epinephron and norepinephron) vaso_______


Parasympathetic nervous system (nitric oxide/acetylcholine) vaso_____


Histamine release causes vaso_____


Sildenaphil promotes vaso____


Lung Hypoxia leads to

Vasoconstriction in the areas where the lung is hypoxic so that blood goes to the well ventilated areas

Vasoconstriction as a result of hypoxia could lead to Pulmonary ______

Hypertension which can lead to right side of the heart failure

Brisket Disease

Happens when cattle go to high altitude
Hypoxia leads to vasodilation leads to hypertension leads to heart failure leads to edema (Mechanism for vasodilation unknown-not pulmonary innervation)

Excersize induced pulmonary hemorrhage

Cardiac Output increases-Vessels Vasodilate to make up for extra blood flow
Vessels cannot compensate enough so they hemorrhage

Extra pulmonary structures drain into the ___ vein


Intrapulmonary structures at the capillary level drain into the _____vein


T/F Inspiration increases venous return and right ventricular filling


Exhalation decreases venous return to the _____ and fills _____

Right Atrium and the left atrium is filled by pulmonary veins

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