30 terms

APHG Dron ch3

Specific type of relocation
Two way flow of migrations
migration to a location
Migration to a location
Net Migration
Diffarence between the number of immigrants and number of emigrants
General term of migration that covers all types of movements from one place to another.
short term repetitive and cyclical movements
Push Factor
Induces people to move out of their presant locations
Pull Factors
Induces people to move
Interveining obstical
Enviremental or cultural feature that hinders migration
International migration
permanent movement from one country to another
Internal migration
Permanent movement in the same country
Interregional migration
movement from one region of a country to another
intraregional migration
movement within one region
Voluntary migration
implies that the migration was a choice
Forced migration
migrant is compelled to move by cultural factors
Migration transition
has changes in society comeparable to those in demographic transition
undocumented immigrants
unautherized immigrants, no pappers or legalization
Guest workers
Citizens of poor countries who take jobs in Western Europe with low wage's, contracts and support programs
Net migration from urban to rual areas
Key idea #1
Most people migrate for economic reasons
Key idea #2
Cultural and environmental factors also induce migration, alothough not as frequantly as economic factors.
Key idea #3
Most migrants relocated a short distance and remain within the same country
Key idea #4
Long distance migrants migrants to other countries head for major centers of economic activity.
Key idea #5
People migrate with push pull factor reasons
Key idea #6
Migrants are distributed from Asia to Europe, and Asia and Latin America to U.S.A. Alot of migrants are also from the Middle East.
Key idea #7
Migrants have problems getting permission to get into other counties
Key idea #8
People migrate in a country because of diffarences in regions; economic conditions, climate and enviormental factors
Key idea #9
Center of population has shifted to the west gradually
Key idea #10
Most undocumented immigrants are in California and Texas and more around the country because it's easy to hire them and cheep labor.