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The creator of the Greek Epic and The Illiad and the Odyssey. It is said the Greeks developed a written language to preserve his stories
The beginning of the poem where Homer appeals to the muses to help him tell his story well
The face that launched 1000 ships for whom the fictional war was fought. Supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world--hatched from a swan egg, daughter of Zeus
Helen's first and last husband, brother of Agamemnon, and King of Sparta.
Helen's big sister, Agamemnon's wife, mother of Iphigenia
Brother of Menelaus, husband of Clytemnestra, father of Iphigenia, child killer and rapist, high king of Greece
King of Troy, father of Paris and Hector, husband of Hecabe
Hero of Troy, brother of Paris, killer of Patroclus, and then killed by Achilles at end of Illiad
country where Troy was most likely located
Apple of Discord
Root cause of the war--why Paris had to make a choice among three goddesses
Hera, Athena, Aphrodite
The three goddesses vowing for the title of fairest
10 years
Length of the Trojan War--in the story
Who does Paris challenge to a fight?
Menaleus (Bk. 3)
Why is the person Paris challenges to fight significant?
Menaleus is Helen's actual husband (versus Paris as her pretend husband). (Bk. 3)
What does the winner of the duel receive?
Helen (and the ten year Trojan War will end). (Bk. 3)
What does each side do before duel begins?
They pray to the God. (Bk. 3)
Who is clearly winning the duel?
The Greek, Menaleus has the upperhand.
What is the end result of the duel?
Pairs is saved by the goddess, Aphrodite who snaps the chinstrap of Paris and frees him from Menaleus. She then shrouds Paris in a mist.
What is Zeus's recommendation to the Gods about war?
The Gods should let the mortals fight it out.
Who goes against Zeus's wishes about the Trojan War?
Hera and Athena
Why do Hera and Athena they go against Zeus' wishes?
They want to destroy the Trojans, while Zeus is helping Achille's mother, Thetis, and letting the Trojans temporarily win the war.
Who is sent to provoke futher fighting?
Athena (Bk. 4)
Who shoots to make sure the fighting continues?
Panderos shoots Menaleus. (Bk. 4)
Who is the greatest Achaean warrior in Book 5?
Who helps Diomedes sweep through the battlefield?
Athena (Bk 5)
Athena tells Diomedes to avoid all gods but to attack this one,_________.
Aphrodite (Bk 5)
Which two members of the Trojan side of note does this warrior wound?
Aphrodite (who spills ichor but cannot die) and Aniyas (Aphrodite's son)
Why Diomede's wounding of Aphrodite significant?
(1) Results in Zeus telling Aphrodite that she shouldn't be involving herself in war (reminds her that love is her realm) (2) gives the Trojans more reason to fight with Ares behind them.
Who chastises Paris to fight?
Hektor challenges him to fight.
What does praying before a battle/duel say about Greek/Trojan culture?
People believe their gods control the outcomes of battles and they rely on gods for strength in battle.
Greek word for glory, fame, honor, renown
the Greek term for homecoming, it is Odysseus goal throughout the Odyssey
When do scholars believe Troy fell?
1184 BCE.
Dates when Homer Lived
700 B.C.E.
Greek champion, leader of Greek ships, son of King Peleus and Thetis, strongest of Greek warriors
elite soldiers and bodyguards of Achilles; best warriors in ancient Greece
beautiful war captive awarded to Achilles
close friend and companion of Achilles
beautiful war captive of Agamemnon and daugher of a priest of Apollo; has to be given up by Agamemnon because Apollo is angry at him for not giving her back to her priest Dad.
king of Ithaka; fights with Agamemnon
King of Pylos; friend of Odysseus, old warrior
Greek warrior; tallest with the largest shield
wife of Hector and mother of Astyanax
infant son of Hector and Andromache
Prince of Troy; kidnapper of Helen; brother of Hector and son of King Priam, favored by Aphrodite
Goddess of war and wisdom; friend to Odysseus & Greeks; enemy to Trojans
wife of Zeus; hater of Trojans; friend of Greeks, because Paris (Trojan) chose Aphrodite over her as the most beautiful.
goddess of love & beauty; friend to Paris & Helen; friend of Trojans; enemy of Greeks
god of light, the bow, the arts, youth; friend of Trojans; enemy of Greeks
father of the gods, supports neither side but knows Greeks will win
god of sea & earthquakes; friend of Greeks sometimes
messenger god; son of Zeus; supports neither side
female messenger goddess and goddess of the rainbow; supports neither side, A messenger of the gods, regarded as the goddess of the rainbow.
fire god, blacksmith god; supports Greeks more than Trojans; makes new armor for Achilles
sea nymph; mother of Achilles, friend to Greeks, except when Agamemnon dishonors her son.
the Ancient One of the Sea; supports neither side
What does Illiad mean?
The story of Troy=Ilium, old word for Troy.

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