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US History Declaration of Independence

Prohibitory Act
states that England officially recognizes the colonies to be in rebellion and that they will take all steps necessary to bring the traitors to justice
Colonists sends of a ___as one last try to negotiate with the British and get an answer 6 weeks later.
Hessian Mercenaries
George the III hired 10,000 ___ _____ to put the rebellion down.
1776 - the ____ between the British and the colonies are getting bigger.
Thomas Paine
is a rebel and writes a pamphet called Common Sense which was issued in January
Common sense
said that the Americans owed no allegiance to either the Parliament or the King; 500,000 copies were cold.
Continental Congress
___ ___ was running the colonies like an independent country.
in order to declare for independence the decision must be ______
if the colonies do not declare their independence, then England had a right to put the colonists to death if they captured them because they were not a ____ country
Committee of Five men
The Congress creates a _____ _____ _____ ____ who were now in charge of writing the Declaration of Independence
john adams
was originally supposed to write the Declaration of Independence; asked jefferson to do if because he was ten times the writer than he was and that people would vote against it because they didnt like him,
was a slave owner but disagreed with slavery; wrote a paragraph in the Declaration that Slavery should be abolished.
Ben Franklin
Jefferson asked ___ ___ for advice because not all of the states agreed to these terms; he told Jefferson to take the paragraph out about slavery and worry about it another time.
Civil War
If the paragraph about slavery stayed in the Declaration of Independence the ____ ____ could have been avoided
3 parts
the best way to look at the Declaration of Independence was to split it up into ___ _____
Preamble, Body, Conclusion
the three parts of the Declaration of Independence
the intro - the philosophical reasons for independence
list of complaints the colonists had with the English
the declaration of independence itself.
in this document you can see that the Committee of five had a ______ to every part.
Jefferson tried to explain as best he can the philosophical principles of the war and of the DOI
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
what Jefferson said that every human being had the right to (natural rights) ; was also inspired by John Locke.
Jefferson goes on to explaining that the _____ is supposed to care for its people.
British Government
Then goes on to say that the _____ ___ was violating the natural rights of the colonists.
a government is supposed to work for its people and if the government fails to properly work for its people then the people are allowed to ____ the government.
the list of complaints against england and targets King George the III
the actual declaration - jefferson says that they are leaving the british and they are declaring themselves as the united states of america