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French Colonization


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they feared attacks from the indians
Joliet and Marquette cut short their trip down the Mississippi River because
Louis Juchereau de St. Denis
Who was chosen to Comand fort St. Jean Baptiste?
Fort St. Jean Baptiste, founded by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, was the name of the present-day city of
Where did the French establish their first trading posts in North America?
They were told there were armed Indians down river
Louis Joliet and Father Marquette journeyed down the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Arkansas River. They did not travel further down the river because
because of a war in Europe
Why was France not assisting Louisiana with the support it needed?
France did not send supplies to Louisiana
Why was life in Louisiana hard after Iberville returned to France
it was illegal
What was unusual about the trade St. Denis established with the Spanish colonists in Texas?
Who esta
Ettiene de Perrier
Who was the French governor at the time of the Natchez Uprising?
Pierre Francois de Rigaud Marquis de Vaudreuil
which Louisiana governor is credited with hosting the first Mardi Gras Ball
They lost some of their best farms
How did the Natchez Uprising negatively affect the French colonists?
Indian Relations
What problem did Bienville address first when he returned to serve as Louisiana's governor a second time?
Antione de Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac
Who was first Louisiana governor to suggest growing indigo and tobacco as cash crops?
Antione Crozat
Who was the first proprietor of Louisiana?
The company of the West could not repay its investors
what caused the collapse of the Mississippi Bubble
he refused to smoke the calumet
Antione le Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac had troubles with the Indians because
the governors were blamed when things did not go well and were often replaced
Describe the experience of Louisiana's governors during the time the Company of the West ran the colony?
John Law
Who headed the Company of the West?
Code Noir
What was the name given to the laws established by Bienville to govern the conduct of slaves?
Etienne de Perier
Who replaced Bienville as governor of the Louisiana colony?
What nationality were the colonists John Law attracted to Louisiana because it would be a haven from the hopeless situation in their home country?
by selecting their chiefs
how did Governor Perrier weaken the ties between the Choctaw and French?
the french became involved in a European war that drained their resources
Iberville had trouble getting colonists and supplies for the forts in Louisiana because
The commissary commissioner
Who presided over the Superior Council, which was established by Cadillac to help govern the colony?
The french demanded that the natchez give up their land
what was the cause of the Natchez Uprising
French: Lacked skills and drive needed to survive in a harsh environment; more interested in looking for golf and silver than in making a home and life for themselves in the new world

Germans: Experienced, hard-working farmers; saved the colony by producing enough food to keep people from starving

African slaves: worked on the plantations; responsible for improving the economy of Louisiana; provided carpentry and metalwork skills to build New Orleans
Name three groups of people who settled in Louisiana and describe how they helped or hurt the Colony's chances to succeed
Colonists lacked skills and drive to survive in the harsh environment.
Many colonists were more interested in looking for gold or silver than in making a home.
women were scarce in the colony.
Louisiana solders were untrained and were often rejects.
colony did not receive adequate funding, supplies or settlers.
Colonists had problems with Indians.
Identify and explain three problems the early settlers of Louisiana faced