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  1. Lucretia Mott
  2. Horace Mann
  3. New Harmony
  4. William McGuffey
  5. Turnpike
  1. a A society that focused on Utopian Socialism. It was started by Robert Owens but failed because everybody did not share their fair load of work.
  2. b A Quaker who attended an anti-slavery convention in 1840 and her party of women was not recognized. She and Stanton called the first women's right convention in New York in 1848
  3. c Spread education throughout America
  4. d Toll-based public road to facilitate commerce.
  5. e "McGuffey's Readers" hammered lessons of morality, patriotism, and idealism.

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  1. United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North
  2. French-descended naturalist, "Birds of America" The Audobon Society was named after him
  3. used by slaves that someday they will be set free.
  4. (1789) Powerful New York political machine that drew support from city immigrants, they helped the immigrants with social services.
  5. Focus of abolitionists on transporting freed blacks to Africa. Established Liberia, with capital Monrovia.

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  1. Lowell SystemFactories that employed young women, who supervised the women so they would not for unions.


  2. Elias Howe"Father of Prohibitions", Maine Laws, wanted temperance, "10 Nights in a Bar room"


  3. Oberlin College(1840) an early term for a locomotive


  4. The Liberator(1825) New York state canal that linked Lake Erie to Hudson River. Increased profit of farmers.


  5. BreakersEmphasized simple communal living and expected to practice celibacy. Started by Mother Ann Lee.