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  1. Walt Whitman
  2. liberation theology
  3. Know-Nothing Party
  4. Unitarians
  5. Elias Howe
  1. a used by slaves that someday they will be set free.
  2. b Nativist political party, AKA American party, which emerged in response to an influx of immigrants, particulary Irish Catholics.
  3. c Rejected divinity of Christ, emphasized goodness of mankind.
  4. d Invented the sewing Machine
  5. e "Leaves of Grass" poet and transcendentalist

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  1. spoliation of western natural resources through excessive hunting, lodging, mining, and grazing.
  2. Publisher of "The Liberator", favored Northern secession from the South
  3. Plantation Owner, Small Plantation Owner, Yeoman Farmer, Merchant/Industrialist, Overseers, Tenant Farmers, Freedmen, Slaves
  4. "Oversoul" and essay on "Self-Reliance". American transcendentalist who was against slavery and stressed self-reliance, optimism, self-improvement, self-confidence, and freedom.
  5. "Little Women" US novelist noted for children books

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  1. Mason-Dixon LineDrawn by surveyors to resolve boundaries between Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, symbolized North-South divide over slavery.


  2. DeismEmphasized simple communal living and expected to practice celibacy. Started by Mother Ann Lee.


  3. Neal DowInvented the sewing Machine


  4. Nat Turnerled Nat Turner's Rebellion in 1831, where Virginia slave revolt resulted in death of 60 whites and raised fear in South of further uprisings.


  5. NINA"No Irish Need Apply" signs put in Boston shops


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