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  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. Turnpike
  3. Henry David Thoreau
  4. Elias Howe
  5. Robert Fulton
  1. a invented the steamboat
  2. b "Oversoul" and essay on "Self-Reliance". American transcendentalist who was against slavery and stressed self-reliance, optimism, self-improvement, self-confidence, and freedom.
  3. c Invented the sewing Machine
  4. d "On Walden Pond" and essay on Civil Disobedience. Opposed slavery, and refused to pay tax for Mexican War.
  5. e Toll-based public road to facilitate commerce.

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  1. US poet, explored universal themes of nature, love, death, and immortality.
  2. (1794) Thomas Paine's anticlerical treatise that accused church to be bad.
  3. Literary and intellectual movement. Emphasized individualism and self-reliance, each person possesses an "inner light" that can point way to truth.
  4. A Quaker who attended an anti-slavery convention in 1840 and her party of women was not recognized. She and Stanton called the first women's right convention in New York in 1848
  5. prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol. A dozen followed the lead.

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  1. Maria MonkFollowers of Joseph Smith. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


  2. Cult of Domesticityradical experiment that practiced free love, birth control, and flourished largely because of superior steel products


  3. liberation theologyfirst college to teach women and African Americans


  4. Molly MaguiresMail system between Missouri and California


  5. William McGuffeynickname for the Irish Miners' Union in Pennsylvania