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  1. Knickerbocker
  2. Methodists
  3. Molly Maguires
  4. Transcendentalism
  5. The Age of Reason
  1. a nickname for the Irish Miners' Union in Pennsylvania
  2. b a Protestant denomination founded on the principles of John Wesley and Charles Wesley
  3. c Literary and intellectual movement. Emphasized individualism and self-reliance, each person possesses an "inner light" that can point way to truth.
  4. d Responsible for the first pieces of American literature
  5. e (1794) Thomas Paine's anticlerical treatise that accused church to be bad.

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  1. Followers of Joseph Smith. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  2. Small swift vessels that helped American trade.
  3. "Father of Prohibitions", Maine Laws, wanted temperance, "10 Nights in a Bar room"
  4. gained great support from Second Great Awakening, stressed personal conversion and church democracy
  5. Semisecret Irish organization that became a benevolent society aiding Irish immigrants in American.

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  1. Planter Aristocracy"Leaves of Grass" poet and transcendentalist


  2. Second Great Awakening"Fall of the House of Usher" writer and poet


  3. Transportation RevolutionTransformation from a disaggregated, subsistence economy to a national commercial and industrial network.


  4. King Cottoncotton and cotton-growing considered the major factor not only in the economy but also in politics.


  5. Shakersslave drivers who whipped slaves to break their souls and strong will.