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  1. Mason-Dixon Line
  2. Utopia
  3. Tammany Hall
  4. ecological imperialism
  5. Oneida Community
  1. a spoliation of western natural resources through excessive hunting, lodging, mining, and grazing.
  2. b an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
  3. c radical experiment that practiced free love, birth control, and flourished largely because of superior steel products
  4. d (1789) Powerful New York political machine that drew support from city immigrants, they helped the immigrants with social services.
  5. e Drawn by surveyors to resolve boundaries between Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, symbolized North-South divide over slavery.

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  1. "On Walden Pond" and essay on Civil Disobedience. Opposed slavery, and refused to pay tax for Mexican War.
  2. emphasizing the role of good homemaker, it made the home a woman's special sphere
  3. Immigrants from Ireland and Germany escaping Great Britain oppression and political instability.
  4. Emphasized simple communal living and expected to practice celibacy. Started by Mother Ann Lee.
  5. Semisecret Irish organization that became a benevolent society aiding Irish immigrants in American.

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  1. Elizabeth BlackwellFirst female graduate of a medical college.


  2. Elias HoweInvented the sewing Machine


  3. Clipper ShipsInvented the sewing Machine


  4. William Lloyd GarrisonPublisher of "The Liberator", favored Northern secession from the South


  5. UnitariansFollowers of Joseph Smith. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.