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oresteia, homer

What did aeschylus write and where did he get his ideas

Oedipus the king, responsibility for acts

What did sophocles write and what was the theme of his writing

The Bacchae about Dionysus, didnt like wars and sceptic about gods

What did euripides write and what was he not sure about and what was his play about

Clouds comedy mocks polotitians, Lysistria peloponnesian wars

What did aristophanes write and what were they about


Father of gods


godess of love


god of sun and poetry


god of crafts and wisdom


god of land and sea


god of underworld


godess of marrige


god of war

the unity of the universe

What did thales think about


who said that the essence of the universe could be found in music


What group of philosophical teachers said that humans could improve themselves


Who was a stonesman, never wrote anything down, and loved philosophy


Who loved to write and debate and created the theory of ideal forms


Who believed that forms and matter were inseperable

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