18 terms

Music Appreciation Chapter 2

a particular type of music with a distinctive form or sound. Examples: jazz, rap, rock, hip hop...
Musical Style
expression within a musical genre. Example: Grunge rock is a style of the rock genre.
instruments that produce sound by a vibrating column of air. Examples: flutes, oboes, and trombones.
study the music of different cultural groups.
music culture
the performance practices, means, traditions, uses and beliefs about music of a group of people.
the beat; the way the beats are organized and subdivided.
the tonal quality of an instrument or voice.
Traditional music
The oldest and most prevalent category of music; "Folk Music"
popular music
intended for a wide audience; often featuring prominent melodies
classical music
a style of 'art' music that stands apart from traditional or popular. Formal.
chamber music
Music written during the classical period for small ensembles
Balinese music ensemble or performing group.
one of the most successful and influential music recording and publishing empires located in Detroit, Michigan.
Common elements of music
melody, rhythm, timbre, and pitch
simple, solid instruments that produce sound by being struck, scraped, or shaken. Examples: gongs, cymbals, rattles, and xylophones.
instruments that produce sound by striking or rubbing a skin or membrane stretched across a resonating air chamber. Examples: conga drums, tabla, and timpani.
instruments that create sound by striking, rubbing, or plucking a taut string (or cord). Examples: guitar, harp, violin, and string bass.
instruments that generate sound from electricity. Examples: Electronic organs and synthesizers.