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First Amendment
Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; right of petition and assembly
Second Amendment
Right to bear arms (Congress cannot disarm state militias)
Third Amendment
No quartering of soldiers
Fourth Amendment
Protects against unreasonable search and seizure/without probable cause
Fifth Amendment
Rights of the accused; due process, right to remain silent, just compensation, double jeopardy
Sixth Amendment
Right to a fair and speedy trial; public, jury of peers, in state where crime was committed, informed of charges against accused, witnesses, right to a lawyer
Seventh Amendment
Right to a trial by jury in civil cases over $20
Eighth Amendment
No excessive bail or fines; no cruel or unusual punishment
Ninth Amendment
Rights retained by the people, even if they are not specifically enumerated by the Constitution
Tenth Amendment
States or people have all powers not denied or given to federal government by the Constitution
Eleventh Amendment
Lawsuits against states (it is impossible for the citizen of one state to sue another state)
Twelfth Amendment
Election of President and Vice President (provides that members of the electoral college vote for one person as president and one person as Vice President)
Thirteenth Amendment
Abolition of slavery
Fourteenth Amendment
Civil rights — former slaves receive citizenship and protection of due process
Fifteenth Amendment
African American suffrage
Sixteenth Amendment
Congress has power to collect income taxes
Seventeenth Amendment
Direct election of senators
Eighteenth Amendment
Prohibition of liquor
Nineteenth Amendment
Women's suffrage
Twentieth Amendment
Terms of president and congress (moves date president and congress take office)
Twenty-First Amendment
Repeal of prohibition
Twenty-Second Amendment
Limitation of presidents to two terms
Twenty-Third Amendment
Suffrage in the District of Columbia
Twenty-Fourth Amendment
Prohibits poll tax in federal elections
Twenty-Fifth Amendment
Presidential disability and succession (VP is appointed president in case of removal, illness, death, or resignation)
Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Voting age moved to 18