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Intro to Chem and Physics: Quiz Objectives (11/01/10)

Describe the Valence Shell Model
shows how many electrons are in the outer most shell.
Describe how the valence shell model is represented by the periods in the periodic table.
you count over from left to right (including the element, excluding transitional metals), and the period number is which shell it is, and the number of elements to your element is how many electrons it has in it's outermost shell.
EX: Mg is in the 3rd period, and is the 2nd element...therefore it has 2 full shells, and it's outer shell will have 2 electrons in it.
Draw and explain the Lewis Dot Structure and draw it for Pb and Ca.
Valence electrons are drawn as dots around the symbol of an element....
Draw the electron orbital for Mg, F, and K.


Rows are _______
Columns are ________
# of rows
#of groups and names
18.....family names-alkali, alkaline, transitional metals, semi-metals, Chalcogens, halogens, noble gases.
group names- metals, nonmetals, metalloids, inner transitional metals
Which period, group, and family do Ca, Fe, Al, P?



(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond.

increase as you travel up and to the right on the periodic table.
Trends in Atomic Radius:
biggest in lower left
smaller in upper right.
Why does the Atomic Radius change as you move across and down the periodic table?
the less electrons you have the wider spread out your atom will be because there will be less protons for the electrons to be attracted to