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Elapsed Time and Word Problems


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elapsed time
the difference between two times
Quarter hour
A unit of time worth 15 minutes._
Half hour
A unit of time equal to 30 minutes.
Quarter til
15 minutes before a new hour or 45 minutes past the last hour (the long hand is covering the 9)
Quarter Past
15 minutes after an hour (the long hand covers the 3)
Analog Clock
A clock with an hour hand(short hand) and a minute hand(long hand)
Digital Clock
a clock that shows the time using digits
in the direction the hands of a clock move
(to the right)
in the opposite direction the hands on the clock move
(to the left)
What is the elapsed time from 10:00-1:00?
3 hours
What is the elapsed time from 9:30-10:00?
30 minutes
What is the elapsed time from 4:15-6:30?
2 hours 15 minutes
What is the elapsed time from 7:15-9:30?
2 hours 15 minutes
What is the elapsed time from 2:45-3:30?
45 minutes
What is the elapsed time from 11:15-12:05?
50 minutes
Mrs. Barton spent 1 hour and 45 minutes reading a book. If she started reading at 2:45, what time was it when she finished?
Finding End Time - 4:30
Mr. Grego ended baseball practice at 5:40. If they practiced for 2 hours and 15 minutes, when did they start practice?
Finding Starting Time - 3:25
Conor went to a Nebraska football game. He left his hotel to go to the stadium at 11:05. When he got back to his hotel it was 6:45. How long was he gone? #GoBigRed
Finding Elapsed Time - 7 hours 40 minutes
Mrs. Kelly took her cat to get groomed. She dropped her off at 3:20 and then picked her back up 3 hours and 5 minutes later. What time did she pick her up?
Finding Ending Time - 6:25
The teacher told you to write an elapsed time word problem Write your start and ending time. Show the word problem completed.
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