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Academic Vocabulary 1 - Grade 6 2018-2019


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the sequence of actions or events in a story, poem or literary selection
time and place of a story, movie, play, poem or literary selection
disagreement, argument, the opposition of people or forces
the message (the heart) of the story
made up story based on imagination and not on facts
based on facts, real events, and real people
an educated guess based on information from the text and your schema (background knowledge)
first person point of view
character is in the story (uses pronouns like "I," "me," "we," and "us")
third person point of view
character is looking in on the story (uses pronouns like "his," "her," "they," and "their")
a particular form of language that is from a specific region such as "howdy" from the South.
formal language
professional or academic language used in serious situations or with people we don't know very well such as in a job interview, when writing your principal, etc. Ex: When are you going to get that?
informal language
language used in more relaxed settings and with people we know well such as in texting Ex: When are ya gonna get that?
cultural context
the shared beliefs and values of a group of people around which a text is written
historical context
an event from the past that impacts or inspires a written selection
hero in the story, poem, play, or movie
villain (one who opposes or goes against the protagonist)