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LNST 4 pgs. 30-31 Week 17

Parsing small sentences with the genitive , nominative, and the accusative cases.
Nuntii reginarum pugnant.
The messengers of the queens fight.
Pugnat populum amici.
He fights the people of the friend.
Filii domini laudant.
The sons of the master praise.
Socii natuarum fabulam nuntiant.
The comrades of the sailors report the story.
Narrat locum annorum.
He tells the places of the years.
Captivos legati servat.
He guards the captives of the lieutentant.
Nuntius fugae pugnant.
The messenger of the exile fights.
Pugnat populos amicorum.
He fights the nations of the friends.
Filius patriae laborat.
The son of the country works.
Equus legatos amiciorum vulnerat.
The horse wounds the lieutentants of the friends.
Parat gladios filiorum.
He prepares the swords of the sons.
Temptant carrum equorum.
They try the horse's wagon.
Gladii puellarum vulnerat.
The swords of the girls wound.
Memoriae insularum vocant.
The memories of the islands call.
The sword of the sailors and the poet attacks.
Gladius nautarum et poetae occupat.