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filch, fleece

not real, imaginary

fictitious, figment, fancied, facade


fervent, fervid, fervor

pretend, artificial, sham

feign, feint, factitious

particular and choosy, difficult to please

fastidious, finicky, fussy

limp and feeble in flesh

flabby, flaccid

not serious, too light hearted

flippant, frivolous

by chance or accident

fortutious, fluke


flamboyant, filigree


fiasco, flounder


fractious, froward

attack with criticism

flay, fulminate

bring or realise results

fructify, fruition


funereal, forlorn


flair, forte

instigate, stir up

ferment, foment


filament, fibre


falter, flinch, flounder


fray, fracas

changing fast, intermittent

fleeting, fitful, fugitive

renounce, abandon

forsake, forswear

tell/predict beforehand

forebode, foretell, foreshadow, forestall, foresight

wild excitement

frantic, frenetic, frenzy(frenzied), furor


filch - steal
flinch - hesitate

ferret, fetter, fester

ferret - shackles
fetter - waste
fester - irritate

flail, flair, frail

flail - thrash
flair - talent
frail - weak

fatuous, fractuous, factitiuos, factous, fictitous, facetious, fastiduous, fallicious

fatuous - inane
fractuous - unruly
factitious - artificial
factous - dissenting
fictitous - imaginary
facetious - mocking
fastiduous - fussy
fallacious - misleading

fallacious, fallible,fallow

fallacious - misleading
fallible - error prone
fallow - uncultivated

fawn, feign

fawn - flatter
feign - pretend

flaunt, flamboyant

flaunt - display ostentatiously
flamboyant - ornate

fester, fluster

fester - irritate
fluster - confuse

fetter, fritter

fetter - shackle
fritter -waste

feckless, feck

feckless - reckless
feck - spot

flay, fray

flay - criticize , attack
fray - brawl


feeble, foible, frail

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