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Articles of Confederation History quiz AVA THS

__________ was the first constitution of the US
articles of confederation
When was it written?
During the American Revolution
Who wrote the first draft?
Benjamin Franklin
Why was the first draft unfavorable?
Because it had too strong of a government
The early state constitutions gave much power to ______________ and weak power to ___________
State legislature
National government
Were the articles of confederation adopted?
How did the Articles of confederation structure the government? Why did they do this?
They made the state legislature more powerful than the national government. Because the British were so oppressive and powerful that each colony couldn't do what they wanted to do in their own colony. So they decided that if the state legislature was in more power over their state then it would be easier to get their stuff that each state needed.
Who was the president during the AOC?
John Hanson
Give 3 examples of what the legislature could and couldn't the legislature do under the AOC
declare war and make peace,maintain an army and navy,borrow money
draft soldiers,raise taxes,stop states from printing their own money
Give 3 examples of what the weaknesses and strengths of the AOC
Government signed a treaty of alliance with France in 1778,Government waged a war for independence against the British,Government established the Departments of Foreign Affairs,War,Marine, and treasury
It was just a "Firm league of friendship.", approval of 9 of 13 states was required to pass a law in congress, no executive branch was established to enforce laws
What did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 do, and why was it important?
created the Northwest territory; created a policy for administering the Northwestern territories, included a path to statehood for the new territories on an equal footing with the original states, and forbade the expansion of slavery into the territories
When the AOC failed, what was the purpose of the Philadelphia Convention?
It was to "fix" the AOC