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a son who brings heartache to his father; from the third son of David, King of Israel. Exiled for three years before he was allowed to return to the court or see his royal father, Absolom plotted to cause a rebellion against his father to overtake the kingdom because he heard Solomon was to succeed David. When Absolom was killed in battle (by Joab), King David grieved for his son in spite of his treachery against him
The revolt of Sheba
The northern tribes aligned with Sheba and wanted to rebel against David; however they were quickly halted as David's army surrounded town of Abel and citizens kill Sheba and throw his head over the wall.
David covets _________ the wife of Uriah the Hiite
David asks _______ to have Uriah killed in battle
The prophet_________ confronts David about his crime
David by coveting another man's wife
breaks his covenant with the lord
"Now therefore the LORD shall never depart from your house"
the lord's response to David's adultery; David will face a divided Kingdom, but it will not occur in his lifetime
________ is the Successor to David
Solomon's name means:
"peace or unity"
Nathan calls Solomon ___________
Jebediah, "beloved of the lord"
Amnon _________ Tamar his half sister
Amnon is David's _____ born son
Tamar and Absolom have the same_________
Absolom kills ________ and flees to
In 1st Kings, Adonijah
claims himself as king in Davids old age. Wants to kill Solomon as Solomon is the rightful predecessor of David
David dies in______
961 BCE
David's reign began in ______
1000 BCE
Solomon as King, first
has Joab executed
Solomon is merciful to Shebei by
Allowing him to live in Jerusalem and not leave the city
Sheibei leaves Jerusalem _________ has him killed
Solomon then kills________ the Oldest son of David, and competitor to the throne.
Solomon is know as the king of "___________"
great wisdom
Another one of Solomon's accomplishments was by
building the LORD's temple and refortifying many Israelite cities
However Solomon breaks the _________covenant by buying Egyptian Horses and chariots
The mosiac covenant in terms to Solomon states that
no man can have too many horses for himself
Another disobedience occurs as Solomon
forms treaties with foreign kings as has their daughters imported into Israel.
After the division of Israel, the Northern tribes designate ___________ as their capital
__________is the Capital of Judah
is the king of the Northern tribes in 1-2 Kings
Elijah and Elisha
Are prophets that challenge Omri's policies
Omri's son
Omri's son marries ________ who worships Baal
Elijah is the _________ of Ahab; because he is a strict Yahwist
The Contest of Mt. Carmel
Prophets of Baal and Prophets of Yahweh construct shrines and whoever's god sends fire from heaven dictates who should be worshiped.
Elijah gets god to send fire down; the people are convinced and Elijah now wants the ________ worshipers to be killed.
________ succeeds Elijah
In 722 B.C.E.
Northern Kingdom of Israel conquered by Assyrians
A king of Judah who destroyed all his father Hezekiah's reforms and persecuted the worshipers of the True God. After many disasters, he repented and turned back to God. Reign is 55 Years.
king of Judah who is assinated.
A reforming king of Judah who returned the people to the worship of God. During his reign the Book of the Law (early mosaic covenant aka book of Deuteronomy) was found in the Temple.
Josiah as a king was almost________ but it did not affect God's decision
Josiah ruled
late 7th Century BCE
In 604 BCE
Babylonians take control of Judah
In 587 king Zedekiah rebels resulting in the
3rd deportation and destruction of Jerusalem.