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Cell that produces fibers in connective tissue

Basement Membrane

nonliving membrane between epithelial & connective tissue

Intercalated discs

membrane in cardiac muscle cells

Stratified Squamous

multiple layers to protect underlying tissue
Reproduces in bottom layers
In epidermis, mouth, throat, vagina, anus

Loose connective tissue

Thin & delicate
binds skin to underlying organs

Simple cuboidal

absorbtion & excretion
lines ducts of glands & kidneys


secretes into tissue fluid or blood

Stratified columnar

lines salivary glands, parts of throat, & male repro.


cartilage cell

Simple squamous

filtration & diffusion
Lines capillaries & lung air sacs


shock absorber
pads backbone, knee, pelvis

Hyaline cartilage

on ends of bones, soft part of nose, & throat
framework & attachment & protects underlying tissue

Pseudostratified columnar

secretes & moves mucus
found in repro. & respir. systems

Cardiac muscle tissue

1 nucleus
in heart
acts in a wringing motion
intercalated discs

smooth muscle tissue

1 nucleus
shorter than skeletal
in walls of hollow organs

Nervous tissue

extensions called dendrites
impulses travel along axons
provides nutrients & blood supply

skeletal muscle tissue

striated b/c striped appearance
works by contracting
pulls in one direction


entire cell filled w/ secretion is lysed


secretes cytoplasm in packets

adipose tissue

cushion for joints & organs
insulates & stores energy
beneath skin & between muscles


uses exocytosis

fibrous connective tissue

tendons(muscle to bone)
ligaments(bone to bone)

elastic cartilage

more flexible than hyaline
external ear & parts of larynx


used in tissues that stretch
numbers of layers & thickness of cells changes
in urinary bladder, ureters, & uterus


secretes into ducts


tissue that covers entire free surface

simple columnar

secretes fluids, absorbs nutrients, & protects underlying tissues

stratified cuboidal

2 or 3 layers of cuboidal cells
lines openings of ducts
provides protection

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