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south Africa

is famous for diamonds

Victoria Falls

is located on the Zambezi river

The Harmattan

is a hot, dry wind that blows out of the interior of Africa

the Savanna Grasslands of Africa

have a long dry season

the highest rates of AIDS is in

southern Africa

sleeping sickness is caused by

the tsetse fly

the highlands in Ethiopia

were one of the centers of domestication of plants and animals in Sub Saharan Africa


is the major mineral export from Nigeria


is most noted for exports of copper

the Congo

is the major river system in Central Africa

the Niger

is the major river system in West Africa

The Okavango river system in southern Africa

drains into an inland delta


is the highest mountain on the African continent

About 20% percent of Africa

is still forested


is the largest island near Africa

The Republic of South Africa

has a Mediterranean climate.

The Great Rift Valley

is located in Eastern Africa

The Congo basin

hosts the second largest rainforest in the world


is mainly a plateau continent


is the process by which arid and semiarid lands become degraded and less productive, leading to more desertlike conditions

The causes of desertification

are seen as climate change, overgrazing, over-cultivation and unskilled irrigation

Benin and Nigeria

were once known as the "Slave Coast."

The Boers

were southern African colonists from the Netherlands.


was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence (1957

During the colonial period of Africa

Europeans were reluctant to move into the interior of Africa because of the fear of diseases for which they had no natural immunity

African women with more education

tend to have smaller families than those women with less education.

African countries have seen a steady decline

in the price for their raw materials exports over the last decades.

With a population of 1 billion

Africa is the second most populated continent (Asia is first).

The total population of Sub-Saharan Africa

is estimated to currently be 800 million

The Interior Lowlands

is a formerly glaciated landscape that contains fertile soils and an abundance of lakes and rivers

On the North American continent

the jet stream brings precipitation to most of the continent in the winter.

North America is the only region in the world

that contains the full range of climate types that occur globally, stretching from Alaska and the Canadian Arctic to the tropical Hawai'ian Islands.

The first inhabitants of North America probably originated in what is

today northern China and Siberia.

Columbus thought he had arrived in

The Far East; however, he actually had arrived in the Caribbean (Bahamas).

In both Canada and the U.S

Great Britain was far and away the most influential of the four colonial powers.

Although its inhabitants have diverse origins, North America is considered Europeanized because

of the predominance of European languages and Christianity

The first wave of immigration to North America (1820-1870)

was dominated by large numbers of Irish and German.

The second wave (1870-1920) of immigration

consisted of the "old" immigrants as well "new" immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. Italians and Poles were among the largest of the second wave.

The third wave (1970 - present)

differs from the previous two in that large numbers of immigrants have arrived from Asia and Latin America.

By 1990, Mexico

had become the largest source of immigrants to the U.S.

From 1860 to 1920, the predominant migration pattern within the U.S.

was rural to urban.

Canada separated from Great Britian

in 1867

Most Canadians live within

200 miles of the border with the U.S.

Compared to the United States, Canada's government

has been far more inclined to guarantee social welfare.


is the capital of Canada

Approximately half of current migrants to Canada

come from Asia


is the largest Canadian city on the Pacific coast.

Most Canadians

are of British ancestry

Over half of Canadian exports

go to the United States

About 25% of Canada's population

is of French ancestry

Canada's current population

is 44 million

Canada's oil deposits

are mostly located in Alberta

French is an official language

in Canada

The Monroe Doctrine

was a U.S. government policy stating that European military interference in the Western Hemisphere, including the Caribbean and Latin America, would no longer be acceptable.

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