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marrow is a soft tissue found in the?
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An example of kinetic is a ?Pendulum swinging in a grandfather clockFly-Frog-Snake-Hawk Which animal in this food chain is warm blooded?HawkWhich of the following undergoes metamorphosis?ButterfliesWhen a lobster grows a claw to replace one that was lost, the process is called?RegenerationIf you place beanGerminationWhen scientist measure a liquids resistance to flow they are measuring the liquids>ViscosityUsing list, which of the following presents the stages of the water cycle in the correct order?Sunlight heats water, evaporates, water cools, condensation, precipitation.Which of the following reproduce by spawning?FishArgon (AR) and Neon (NE) are?Nitrogen GasesIn chemistry to be classified as an organic substance a substance must contain?Carbon AtomsWhich element does not contain any Neutrons?HydrogenA perpetual motion machine can never be built because it is not possible to eliminate?ElasticityThe chemical formula of a compound describes the elements that contains and the:Ratio of elements in the compoundThe tympanic membranes are also known as the?Ear DrumsWhen sodium atoms form sodium ions they?Loose ElectronsWhich of the following can be spread from one person to another?HepatitisWhy do we see different areas of the sky during the fall versus the spring?Earth is tilt & it's orbiting around the sunJerry walked a dog from 6:40am to 7:30am one day, Paid at the rate of $6 per hr, how much did he earn that day?50 mins he walked 60 x =50*6 = 300/60= 5 60 mins in a hour $5A woman is looking for a bigger square office. She finds an office twice the area of her current office. If the perimeter of her current office is 88 feet, how many square feet is the new office?Square has 4 sides 88/4= 22*22=484*2=968 Multiply by 2 because the office is twice the size 968How many feet of chain fence are necessary to enclose a dog pen that is square an has an area of 64 square feet?Square root of 64 is 8 8*8=64 Square has 4 sides 4*8=32 32The price of salmon at a fish market is 5.40 per pound. This is 150%. It's cost at a supermarket how much would it cost per pound at the supermarket?150%= 1.5 5.40/1.5= 3.60 3.60Together, two people earn 28,000. One earns 2,000 more than the other. How much is the smaller income?28,000-2,000= 26,000 2/26,000= 13,000 13,000If the perimeter of a square garden is 84 feet what is the area of the garden?Square has 4 sides 4/84=21 21*21=441 441The pet store had six puppies selling for $104 each & twelve kittens selling for $24 each today only 2 puppies and 8 kittens were left in dollar terms what was the ratio of sales of puppies to kittens?6-2=4 104*4=416 416/96 = 32 13,3 12-8=4 24*4=96 13,3A train goes twice as fast downhill as it can go up hill as it can go on level ground if it goes 120 miles per hour downhill how long will it take to travel 45 miles per flat land?Jamie just bought two boxes. The first box is square, with each side measuring 10 units, and is 4 units high. The second box is rectangular and has twice the volume of the square box. If the height of the second box is 5 units, and the width is 10 units, what is the length of the second box?10*10*4= 400 400+400=800 10*5=50 50/800=16 16Each August, a restaurant's rent is adjusted to the cost of living index. The rent has been 1,550 a month, and the cost of living index for this August was 3.7%. What is the new rent per month?3.7%= 0.037 0.0037*1,550=57.35 1,550+57.35=1,607.35 1,607.35If the ratio of sides of two square is 3:1 what is the ratio of their perimeters?3:1The are 9 red & 6 green marbles in a bag. A child reaches in the bag and randomly takes one marble what is the probability of that child getting a green marble?6(9+6) 6 /15 25% 0.4 0.4Debra and Ian shared in a 1,000,000$ estate. If Ian received 125,000, and Debra the rest, what fraction of the estate did Debra receive?1,000,000-125,000 = 875,000/1,000 7/8 7/8If a 5ft pole casts a shadow of 8ft at the same time a nearby tree casts 48ft shadow. How tall is that tree?Cross Multiply 5*48=240 8/240=30 ft 30 ftA pie was cut into two equals pieces each of these pieces of pie was cut into halves again & each of those smaller pieces was cut into two equals if two of the pieces of the pie were eaten what portion of the pie remains?2+2+4=8 8-2=6 6/8= 3/4 3/4A pizza is cut into 8 equal pieces a person who eats 1/2 of one piece eats what fraction of the pizza?8 Slices 8+8=16 1/16A plumber has a car payment of $250 per month $225 of which goes to paying off the principal & the rest goes towards the interest what percent is being payed for interest?250-225= 25 25/250=10 10%shaun purchased a shirt for $22.05. if this includes tax, what was the actual price of the shirt?A printing press will print 6,000 copies in 20 minutes a second press can print 15,000 in 60 minutes how many more copies per minute will the faster print than the slower press?20/6,000=300 60/15,000=250 300-250=50 50If the population of a certain city increased 25% in two years, the new population was what percent of the old?100+25=125% 125%If 35 of the 140 cars delivered to a dealer were blue what percent of the cars were blue?140/35=0.25 25%Five people working 8 hr days assemble 400 toys in a 5-day work week. What is the average number of toys assembled per hour, per person?5/400 80/5 16 16A radar is designed to report the track of an aircraft every second if this radar reports 30 tracks in one minute what was the percentage of the time did the radar track the aircraft?50% (radar only tracked half 30/60)How many 51 lb bags of apples can be made from 400 apples each weighing 1/4lb?1/4*400/1 400/4 4/400A box of nails weighs 1 5/6 what is the weight of 12 boxes?1^5/6 11/6*12/1 132/6 22 22accentuateto emphasizehazardousperilousbunglingineptproverbadageadmonitionwarningembodyto exemplifystudypursuecommuniquemessagedecrydisparageunpretentioussimpleinterpretbunglingoppressivetyrantferventlypassionatedevoutpiouserraticallyirregularsustaincontinuenegatednullify; make ineffectivecontentiousquarrelsomecajolewheedlemoratoriuma suspension of activity; an authorized delayNeptoismrelativesIf A=6 and B=5, what is the value of (A^2-B^2)^2?6^2-5^2 36- 25 11^2 121 121What are the factors of x^2+4x+3x^2+4x+3 3 (x+1)(x+3) 3*1=3 3Simplify 3/5x+x3+5=8 8/5 8/5The hypotenuse of a right triangle has a length of 14 units &a side that is 9 units long which equation can be used find the length of the renaming side?Hypotenuse Formula: x^2=#^2-#^2 x^2=14^2-9^2What is the area of a parallelogram if its length is x+4 and its height is x+3?A=(x+4)(x+3) 4+3=7 4*3=12 x^2+7+12 x^2+7+12Graphs of the following equations are straight lines except?If 4/3x3/4=5k, then k=?4/3*3/4=12/12=1 whole 1/5If 2^x=32 then x2*2*2*2*2=32 2^5 2^5What is 5x times (3x^2-5)?5*3=15 5*5=25 15x^2-25xIf x/5+6=-14, then x=?x/5+6=11 11*14=-154 -154If x=4 which of the following expressions does not equal 9?x-(-5)= 9 x+5=9 2x+1=9 x-13=-9 x-13=-9What is the slope of the line y=-2x+1If a= -3 then -(a^4)=3*3*3*3=81 -81if 16=x/20, then x =320 (multiply 20 and 16)what is 12/50 in its simplest form?6/25 (just cut in half)An electronics store had a 20% off sale. If a stereo originally cost $125 how much did the stereo cost during the sale?$100 (multiplied .20 by 125, then subtracted 25 from 125)A sweater priced at $80 was marked down by 25%. what was the sale price of the sweater$60 (multiplied 80*.25, then subtracted 20 from 80)if 4x^2= 16, then x=?2 because 4*2= 8^2=16If 3(x+6)=39 then x=?11 ( 39-6=33, 33/3= 11)A circle has a diameter of 6, an area of b square units, and a circumference of c units. What is the value of b + c?Area of a circle: pi * r^2 6 half of 3 3*3=9 6+9=15 15A bag contains 8 white, 4 red, 7 green, and 5 blue marbles. Eight marbles are withdrawn at random. How many of the withdrawn marbles are white if the chance of drawing a white marble is now 1 in 4?8+4+7+5=24 24-8=16 1/4 out of 16 4/16=4 8-4=4 4