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America- Pathways to the Present: Chapter 12 Terms List #1

These are the terms assigned for sections one and two from chapter 12 of our U.S. History textbook, America- Pathways to the Present, at Madeira High School.
Francis Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria-Hungary; assassinated in 1914
location of Ferdinand's murder
a strip of land owned by Germany along the Germany-France border (France wanted it back)
Schlieffen Plan
a first-strike strategy developed by Germany to avoid fighting France and Russia at the same time; called for Germany to knock out the French army, then to go fight Russia
Central Powers
Germany and Austria-Hungary
Russia, France, Serbia, and Great Britain
Marne River
location where a combined French and British force stopped the progression of the German army to Paris
"no-man's land"
an empty area in a battlefield that neither side claims
Battle of the Somme
took place in 1916; British suffered 20,000 deaths in one day of combat
information intended to sway public opinion
Preparedness Movement
the belief that America should try to stay neutral but should also be ready to enter the war and aid Great Britain
a British passenger liner carrying weapons for the Allies; the German navy sunk it, creating more ant-German feelings in America
Sussex Pledge
a repeatedly broken promise by the German government that U-boats would warn ships before attacking
Zimmerman Note
a secret message from Germany to Mexico that was intercepted by Great Britain; suggested that Mexico should declare war on the United States and Germany would reward it
Jeannette Rankin
Montana's representative in Congress who voted against entering World War 1