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The independence movement in Latin America was spread by which group of people?


Jose de San Martin was a military officer who liberated what area?

Liberated parts of Spanish-speaking South America

The independence movement in Mexico was let, in part by what priest?

Miguel Hidalgo

Who led a revolt of enslaved Africans in Saint Dominque?

Toussaint L'Ouverture

How did the liberation of Mexico and Brazil differ?

Mexico's liberation was violent / Brazil's liberation was non-violent

What colonies combined to form Gran Colombia?

The Viceroyalty of New Granada and the Captaincy-General of Venezuela

In the early 1800s, which region was least affected by independence movements?

The Caribbean

What does the political division of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata by 1830 show?

There were many distinct groups within the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata

By 1830, which European nation had lost all of their colonies in South America?

The Spanish

Which country gained independence from France by 1830?


In Latin America during the early 1800s, what type of person probably belonged to the Creole class?

A colonel in the Spanish colonial army

How were the liberation movements in Spanish South America and Brazil similar?

Both involved the Creole class

The economy of which country was most severely affected by the liberation of Latin America?


Which country probably benefited the most territorially from the liberation of Latin America?

The United States

After 1830, Mexico probably had the most conflict with which country?

The United States

He played leading roles in Mexico's fight for independence from Spain and, after independence, Mexico's fight to hold on to Texas. He also served four times as the president of Mexico.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

During the Mexican Revolution, this former cowboy was immensely popular in northern Mexico because of his reputation for being a Robin Hood.

Pancho Villa

This caudillo came to power in Mexico in the mid-1870s and ruled until he was forced from office in 1910 by the Mexican Revolution. The order and progress that he brought Mexico was not enough for those who cared more about liberal reforms.

Porfirio Diaz

In the 1840s and 1850s, he worked for acceptance of La Reforma. Although he served as the president of Mexico several times, it was only in his last presidency that he was able to institute La Reforma during a period of relative peace and prosperity.

Benito Juarez

Born into one of Mexico's ten richest families, he was a strong supporter of democracy. When his attempt to run for Mexico's presidency forced him into exile, he called for revolution. In 1911, he became president but resigned soon after.

Francisco Madero

He was a popular leader who raised a powerful army to fight in the Mexican Revolution. "Tierra y Libertad" (Land and Liberty) was his battle cry. He helped to overthrow Diaz and Huerta and, in 1919, was himself lured into a trap and murdered by forces loyal to Carranza.

Emiliano Zapata

Why was the Mexican Revolution fought?

To overthrow the dictator ruling Mexico

For what is Benito Juarez remembered?

For instituting La Reforma while he was president of Mexico

What were 3 reasons for political instability in Latin America?

Lack of experience with democracy, Caudillos who used their countries to grow wealthy, and Upper classes who supported caudillos to keep power from the lower classes

Which two Mexican leaders were most alike in their goals for reforming Mexico?

Beniot Juarez & Alvaro Obregon

How can you sum up Santa Anna's career?

He helped win independence from Spain, and served as Mexico's president, but lost much territory to the United States

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