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Orbicularis oris Muscle

Origin: Encircle of the mouth
Insertion: Angle of the mouth
Action: pressing together, tightening and thinning, rolling inward, thrusting outward

Depressor Labii Inferioris

Origin: Mandible
Insertion: lower lip
Action: Irony


Origin: mandible
Insertion: chin
Action: express doubt, raising chin, and protruding lower lip

Depressor Anguli Oris

Insertion: angle of the mouth
Action: frowny


Origin: Clavicle and shoulder
Insertion: angle of the mouth
Action: Raising neck skin, grimacing


Origin: Maxilla, mandible, pterygomandibular raphe
Insertion: Angle of the mouth
Action: Chewing, suckling, expelling air

Levator anguli oris

Origin: Maxilla
Insertion: angle of the mouth
Action: Smile

Zygomaticus major

Origin: zygomatic bone
Insertion: angle of the mouth
Action: smile

Zygomaticus minor

Origin: zygomatic bone
Insertion: upper lip
Action:asisting smiling

Levator labii superioris

Origin: Maxilla
Insertion: Upper lip
Action: elevate the upper lip

Levator Labii superioris alaeque nasi

Origin: Maxilla
Insertion: Ala of the nose and upper lip
Action: Sneering expression

Orbicularis oculi

Origin: infraorbital rim, nasal process of frontal bone, and frontal process of maxilla
Insertion: Skin tissue at lateral region of the eye
Action: close the eyelid


Origin: epicranial aponeurosi
Insertion: into the skin tissue of the eyebrown and root of the nose
Action: raising eyebrown and scapl when a person showing surprise

Corrugator supercilii

Origin: on the frontal bone in the supra orbital region
Insertion: skin tissue of the eyebrown
Action: cause vertical wrinkle in the gabella and horizontal wrinkle of the nose


Origin: Anterior 2/3, posterior third, medial of zygomatic arch
Insertion: anle and ramus of mandible
Action: Raising the lower jaw/ occur during closing of the jaw


Origin: Temporal fossa
Insertion: Coronoid process of mandible
Action: raising the lower jaw/ retrude the jaw

Medial pterygoid

Origin: pterygoid fossa of shpenoid bone

Insertion: angle of mandible
Action: Raising the lower jaw

Lateral pterygoid

Origin: greater wing, lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone
Insertion: pterygoid fovea of mandible
Action: Lowering the lower jaw/ occur during opening of the jaw


Origin: Fasia superficial to masseter muscle
Insertion: angle of the mouth
Action: stretching, retracting, widening to produce grinning or smiling

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