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Osteon, skull and structure of bone quiz (Schermerhorn)


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mature bone cells found in lacunae
cavities in bone matrix that house osteocytes
concentric circles of lacunae situated around the central (haversian) canal
Central (Haversian) Canal
opening in the center of an osteon; runs lengthwise through bone; carries blood vessels and nerves
Osteon (Haversian system)
unit of bone containing central canal and matrix rings; structural and functional unit of compact bone
tiny canals that radiate from the central canal to lacunae; form a transport system connecting all bone cells to a nutrient supply
Perforating (Volkmann's) canals
perpendicular to the central canal and carries blood vessels and nerves
bone markings
reveal where muscles, tendons, and ligaments were attached and where blood vessels and nerves passed
examples of long bones
femur, humerus
examples of flat bones
skull, ribs, sternum
bones that form the axial skeleton
skull, vertebral column, and bony thorax
the axial skeleton forms...
longitudinal axis of the body
What do cranium bones do?
enclose the brain
What are the eight cranial bones?
frontal bone, occipital bone, ethmoid bone, sphenoid bone, parietal bones, and temporal bones
coronal suture
between frontal and parietal bones
lamboidal suture (Skull)
between parietal and occipital
between parietal bones
between temporal and parietal bones
What do calcium salts deposited in the bone do?
make bone hard to resist compression
process of bone formation