EXTRA chapter 8


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Johann Gregor Mendel
Who?: He is the father of modern genetics
Pisum sativum; Garden pea
What was Mendel's model system?
It was easy to grow, grew a lot of replicates, naturally self-pollinated and displayed several discontinuous traits.
Why was Mendel's model system good?
Continuous variation
The range of small differences in a trait. (Ex. human height)
Discontinuous variation
Describes distinct features "either" or "trait". (Ex. roll tongue or can't roll tongue)
Offspring are identical to parent plant (highly inbred); when a plant can self-fertilized, only produce offspring with the same traits.
What is meant by "true-breeding" plants?
Mating two true-breeding individuals with different traits.
Punnett square
Predicts all possible outcomes of all random fertilization events between two individuals.
It can be used for determining probability of genotype and phenotype
What can punnett squares be used for?