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c. altitude

1. Which of the following is NOT considered an element of weather and climate?
a. air temperature
b. cloudiness
c. altitude
d. humidity
e. air pressure

d. nitrogen and oxygen

2. The most abundant gases in the atmosphere by volume are _________.
a. ozone and oxygen
b. helium and ozone
c. oxygen and argon
d. nitrogen and oxygen
e. water vapor and oxygen

c. is invisible

3. Water vapor __________.
a. makes clouds dark
b. feels wet
c. is invisible
d. colors the sky blue
e. exists as tiny liquid droplets

e. ozone

4. Which atmospheric gas filters out most of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight?
a. argon
b. nitrogen
c. helium
d. carbon dioxide
e. ozone

d. a. and b.

5. Changes in which of the following are responsible for seasonal temperature changes?
a. Sun angle
b. Length of daylight
c. Earth-Sun distance
d. a. and b.
e. a., b., and c.

a. True

6. The line separating the dark half of Earth from the lighted half is called the circle of illumination.
a. True
b. False

a. True

7. During an equinox, the length of daylight is 12 hours everywhere on Earth.
a. True
b. False

a. True

8. When any form of radiant energy is absorbed by an object, the result is an increase in temperature.
a. True
b. False

b. cooler summer temperatures than an inland location at the same latitude

9. A place located along a windward coast will probably have
a. warmer summer temperatures than an inland location at the same latitude
b. cooler summer temperatures than an inland location at the same latitude
c. summer temperatures that are very similar to an inland location at the same latitude
d. none of these

c. radiation

10. Earth receives energy from the Sun in this way.
a. conduction
b. convection
c. radiation
d. all of these

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