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Types of Bones

Irregular Bones
Complicated shapes.
They consist of mainly spongy bone enclosed by thin layers of compact bone.
Examples: some skull bones, the vertebra and innominate bones
Flat bones
Thin, flattened and frequently curved.
They have a pair of spongy bone sandwiched between two layers of compact bone.
Examples: bones of the cranium, the ribs and sternum.
Examples of Irregular Bones
Some skull bones
The vertebra
innominate bones
Examples of Flat Bones
Bones of the cranium
The Ribs
The Sternum
Short Bones
Cube shaped consisting mainly of spongy bone.
Examples: carpals and tarsals
Examples of Short Bones
Seasmoid Bones
specialized type of short bone that are formed and embedded within a tendon.
Example: the patella, pisiform bone (a carpal), and bones located at the base of the big toe (hallux) and thumb (pollux)
Big Toe
Examples of Seasmoid Bones
Patella (knee cap)
Pisiform bone (a carpal)
bones located at the base of the big toe (hallux) and
thumb (pollux)
Long Bones
Longer than they are wide.
They have a shaft with heads at both ends.
Consist of mostly compact bone.
Examples: Long bones of the limbs