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General Muscle Origins, insertions, & Actions

Anterior Cranial Aponeurosis
Epicranius: frontalis origin
Skin of eyebrows and root of nose
Epicranius: frontalis insertion
Raises eyebrows and wrinkles forehead skin horizontally
Epicranius: frontalis action
Occipital and temporal bones
Epicranius: occipitalis origin
Posterior Cranial Aponeurosis
Epicranius: occipitalis insertion
Fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly
Epicranius: occipitalis action
Frontal and maxillary bones and ligaments around orbit
Orbicularis oculi origin
Skin around the eye; circles the orbit
Orbicularis oculi insertion
Closes the eye , squints the eye, and draws eyebrows inferiorly
Orbicularis oculi action
Arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible
Orbicularis oris origin
Encircles mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at edges of mouth
Orbicularis oris insertion
Closes and protrudes lips (kissing and whistling action)
Orbicularis oris action
Zygomatic bone
Zygomaticus origin
skin and muscle at corner of mouth
Zygomaticus insertion
Raises lateral corners of mouth upward (smiling action)
Zygomaticus action
Fascia of upper chest (over pectoral muscles and deltoid)
Platysma origin
Lower margin of mandible, and skin and muscle at corner of mouth
Platysma insertion
Helps depress mandible; pulls lower lip down; tenses skin of neck (e.g., during shaving)
Platysma action
Temporal Fossa
Temporalis Origin
Coronoid process of mandible
Temporalis insertion
Maintains position of mandible at rest; helps close jaw (minor); retracts mandible
Temporalis action
Zygomatic arch and maxilla
Masseter origin
Angle and ramus of mandible
Masseter insertion
Prime mover of jaw closure; elevates mandible
Masseter action
Manubrium and medial portion of clavicle
Sternocleidomastoid origin
Mastoid process of temporal bone and superior nuchal line of occipital bone
Sternocleidomastoid insertion
Prime mover of active head flexion; rotates head laterally
Sternocleidomastoid action