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Ear Anatomy

Anvil (incus), Hammer (malleus), Pinna
Collectively called the ossicles
External acoustic meatus, Pinna, Tympanic Membrane
Structures composing the outer ear
Cochlea, Semicircular canals, vestibule
Structures composing the bony or osseous labyrinth
Semicircular canals, vestibule
Ear structures involved with hearing; contain receptors for the sense of equilibrium
Pharyngotympanic tube
Allows pressure in the middle ear to be equalized with the atmospheric pressure; connects nasopharynx and the middle ear
Tympanic Membrane
Vibrates as sound waves hit it; transmits the vibrations to the ossicles
Contains the ogran of Corti
Oval window
Transmits the vibrations from the stirrup to the fluid in the inner ear
Fluid that bathes the sensory receptors of the inner ear
Fluid contained within the osseous labyrinth, which bathes the membranouse labyrinth