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deka -

da (10)

kilo -

k (1,000)

hecto -

h (100)

deci -

d (0.1)

centi -

c (0.01)

milli -

m (0.001)

Celsius scale

temperature scale commonly used by scientists and most countries

meter stick

tool that measures length

graduated cylinder

tool that measures liquid volume - a tall, thin container

triple-beam balance

tool that measures mass


how much matter is in an object


the stuff that makes up everything; it takes up space and has mass


the amount of space an object takes up


mass / volume (mass divided by volume)

0 degrees C

temperature at which water freezes

100 degrees C

temperature at which water boils

37 degrees C

human body temperature

1 km = ______ m

1,000 m

1 m = ______ cm

100 cm

1 m = ______ mm

1,000 mm

1 cm = ______ mm

10 mm

volume of rectangular solid

length x width x height


force of gravity acting on an object


distance from one point to another


abbreviation for the International System of Units (another name for the metric system)


curved line liquid makes in a graduated cylinder

Kelvin scale

official temperature scale of the SI system but few people use it

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