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BS- blood sugar, glucose

measur. of sugar in blood

FBS- fasting blood sugar

measur. of blood sugar after 12 hr. fast

PPBS- postprandial blood sugar

measur. of blood sugar after meal & 2 hrs.

GTT- glucose tolerance test

measur. body's ability to metabolize carbs.
looks at urine/blood after 4-6 hrs. of glucose intake


measur. specific ions= sodium, potassium, CO2, chloride

thyroid function study

measur. thyroid hormone levels
determines efficiency of glandular secretions

CT-computed tomography

to obtain transverse view of pituitary gland

MRI- magnetic resonance imaging

identifies abnor.- pituitary, pancreas, adrenal, thyroid


images- i.e. thyroid ultrasound,
identify endocrine pathology

thyroid uptake and image

nuclear image, visualizes ingested isotopes,
detects thyroid nodules, tumors


adrenocorticotropic hormone


thyroid-stimulating hormone


continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion


diabetes mellitus


excision of adrenal gland


excision of pituitary gland


excision of pancreas


excision of parathyroid gland


excision of thymus gland


excision of thyroid gland

continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion- CSII, insulin pump therapy

device worn on body, subcutaneously infuses doses of isulin

radioiodine therapy

radioactive iodine used to treat disease.
i.e. thyroid tumor cells


raises blood glucose

antithyroid drug

blocks production of thyroid hormones

hormone replacement

replaces hormone deficiency- i.e. estrogen,testosterone,thyroid

hypoglycemic antihyperglycemic

lowers blood glucose- i.e. insulin

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