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Web Design: Chapter 4 & 5 (2nd Hour)


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The Intent of a website
Website Development
The process of planning and creating a website.
Target Audience
The individuals that are intended to use the website.
Navigation Structure
The organizations of the pages in a website. Goes from general to more specific.
Top-Level Page
Home Page of a website (index.html)
Parent Page
A page that has at least one page below it in the navigation structure.
Top Global Navigation Bar
Contains links to each page on the first and second levels of the website's navigation structure. In general, this should have NO MORE than 8 links.
Bottom Global Navigation Bar
Appears near the bottom of the page and is often centered. This navigation bar typically uses text links in a smaller size and contains links to all of the pages in the website if possible.
Pipe Symbol
| = Often used to separate links in a navigation bar.
Local Navigation Bar
Positioned below the top level navigation bar or vertically along the left side of a page. Often contains links to child pages of a website.
Breadcrumb Trail
Also called the path. This is a navigation bar that displays the page names in order of level from home page to the current page.
Home > _________ > _____________
Top area of a web page
Bottom area of a web page and includes the bottom global navigation bar.
Four basic concepts of a web page
Appropriateness, placement, consistency, & usability.
E-mail Hyperlink
A link that allows the user to create and send an e-mail message. Link includes mailto:
Bitmap Graphics
Image comprised of tiny squares. Each tiny square is a pixel and is one solid color.
Examples include: GIF, JPG, & PNG files.
Graphics that are limited to 256 colors and are best for clipart and logos. They allow for images to be transparent and interlaced.
Supports millions of colors and is best used for photographs. Does not allow for transparency.
A file format feature that reduces file size, which is helpful because smaller files load faster in a browser window.
The more compression, the smaller a file becomes
The more compression, the higher the image quality
Alternative Text
Text added to an image that a voice synthesizer "reads" in place of the image.
An invisible, defined area on a graphic that is a hyperlink. Tools associated with this feature include rectangle, oval, and polygon.
Adobe Fireworks
Used to create and edit images specifically for use on the Web.
When a symbol is created, the selected objects on the canvas are changed into this; which is a copy of the button symbol.
How a symbol interacts with a user. Rollover is the default for a button symbol.
Four States of a Button Symbol
Up, Over, Down, & Over While Down
Export Wizard
Used to optimize and automatically generate all the files associated with a Fireworks document.
Swap Image
Action that exchanges one image on a webpage for another when the mouse rolls over the image.
Adobe Bridge
A program that lets you organize your visual assets; such as photographs, illustrations, PDFs, and Flash Movies.
Owen Foster
Plays JV Football, has an older brother at CHS, enjoys Jolly Ranchers and listens to old school rock and pop.
Angelo Bogdanovic
Is stealing from the government by filing taxes where he claims himself as an independent. Also known to randomly say "Shake 'n Bake" and make awkward comments that make fellow classmates uncomfortable.
Evie Dice
Swim Team Member who has an older brother playing golf at Saginaw Valley.
Nate Guerin
Plays football and works at Culvers.
Clay Hall
Senior who plays football and coaches baseball. Works at Tropical Smoothie and enjoys listening to rap music while partaking in a 3 Musketeers.
Ethan Shiff
Likes Karate, hip hop music, and M&Ms.