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  1. Inputs of the light reactions
  2. Outputs of the light reactions
  3. Producers
  4. Light reactions
  5. 1st step of the Calvin cycle
  1. a Make the food for the organisms in the biosphere
  2. b Absorb solar energy and convert it to chemical energy stored in ATP and NADPH
  3. c Carbon fixation
  4. d oxygen, ATP, NADPH
  5. e Energy from light, water, ADP + P, NADP+

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  1. Interconnected membranous sacs suspended in the stroma
  2. Organisms that produce organic molecules from inorganic molecules using the energy of light
  3. Tiny pores where carbon enters and oxygen exits
  4. Release of one molecule of G3P
  5. Rubisco combines CO2 with a five-carbon sugar called ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP). The unstable product splits into two molecules of the three-carbon organic acid, 3-phosphoglyceric acid (3-PGA). For three CO3 entering, six 3-PGA result

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  1. Outputs of the Calvin cycleCO2


  2. PhotorespirationA metabolic pathway that consumes oxygen, releases carbon dioxide, generates no ATP


  3. PhotosynthesisConsists of a number of light-harvesting complexes surrounding a reaction center complex


  4. Inputs of the Calvin cycleSugar, NADP+, ADP + P


  5. C3 plantsFirst organic compound produced is the three-carbon compound 3-PGA.Common and widely distributed; they include soy beans, oats, wheat and rice.