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Nurse as Teacher, Counselor, Leader, Manager

Purpose of Nurse's role as Teacher/Counselor
to help patients and families
develop self-care abilities to maximize
functioning and quality of life.
Or have a dignified death.
(Maintain & promote health, Prevent illness,Restoring health, Facilitating coping)
Maintain & promote health
-teach pt to value health & develop
health practice to promote wellness.
-Examples: nutrition, exercise and hygiene teaching
Prevent illness
-teach clients how to prevent disease & early detection of disease.
-Examples: immunization and blood pressure or mammogram screening
Restoring health
-once pt is ill, teaching & counseling focus on developing self-care practices that promote quick recovery and prevention of complications.
-Examples: self-care for administering medication, wound or colostomy care
Facilitating coping
-work with pt and families to help them come to terms with illness & lifestyle changes.
Many may have to cope with permanent health alterations.
-Examples: stress management and grief counseling
Teaching-Learning Process
-Clients right to make informed decisions
-Info must be: accurate, complete, relevant
-nurse & client work together
Learning Domains
-3 domains influence the teaching & evaluation strategies the nurse selects.
-Effective teaching often involves behaviors in all 3 domains.
-Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor)
-storing & recalling new knowledge in brain
-including knowledge, comprehension, application (using abstract ideas in concrete situations), analysis (relating ideas in an organized way), synthesis, & evaluation.
feelings, opinions and attitudes.
skills such as
injections, ROM, dressing change, etc.
The COPE model
(helping family members to become effective problem solvers & support the nurse's teaching efforts)
-Expert information
Maximize Effectiveness of Teaching
T: tune into the patient
E: edit patient information
A: act on every teaching moment
C: clarify often
H: honor patient as a partner in education process
Discharge Planning
Begin with initial nursing assessment
-Includes client and family
-Client needs
-Home environment
-Family and community resources
Evaluating (for a teaching/learning plan)
-Cognitive :oral questioning
-Affective: patient's response/comments & observation
-Psychomotor :observation of return demonstration
-Revise as needed—change approach or teaching strategy
The Nurse As Counselor
-Helps patients make decisions that promote their overall well-being
-Assists & guides patient to solve problems
-Uses interpersonal skills:
-Warmth, friendliness, openness, empathy, caring
-Listens carefully
-Uses therapeutic communication techniques
-Makes referrals as needed
5 Rights of Delegation
Right Task
Right Circumstances
Right Person
Right Direction/Communication
Right Supervision