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  1. Cognitive psychology
  2. Affective attributes
  3. President needs media to further highlight and explain issues
  4. Need for orientation
  5. Obtrusive issues
  1. a an approach in psychology in which people are viewed as active seekers of knowledge who function in the world on the basis of this knowledge
  2. b president and agenda setting
  3. c issues public experiences directly
  4. d motivation to seek information
  5. e tone of picture

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  1. Zucker
  2. Yagade and Dozier
  3. media's capability to raise the importance of an issue in public's mind through news coverage
  4. size and placement
  5. kind of journalism that emphasizes serving the community better by identifying the important problems and issues and focusing on them

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  1. Intermedia agenda settingwhen elite media set the agenda for other media


  2. Priminglist of items in the order of importance, with most important at the top


  3. Behaviorismstressed importance of reinforcement rewards and punishments and conditioning in shaping behavior and attempted to use these concepts to explain human thought and language


  4. Issues public thought were important correlated to those with the most news coverage; media coverage does not reflect realityIyengar


  5. Topic of news, presentation, cognitive attributes, affective attributesfour dimensions of framing