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  1. Media has some effect in shaping public's agenda
  2. Public journalism
  3. Agenda-setting function
  4. Presentation
  5. Need for orientation
  1. a motivation to seek information
  2. b size and placement
  3. c Charlotte study
  4. d kind of journalism that emphasizes serving the community better by identifying the important problems and issues and focusing on them
  5. e media's capability to raise the importance of an issue in public's mind through news coverage

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  1. process in which the media attend to some issues and not others and thereby alter the standards by which people evaluate election candidates
  2. list of items in the order of importance, with most important at the top
  3. when elite media set the agenda for other media
  4. stressed importance of reinforcement rewards and punishments and conditioning in shaping behavior and attempted to use these concepts to explain human thought and language
  5. manufacturing of newsworthy events

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  1. Obtrusive issuesissues public experiences directly


  2. Cognitive psychologydetails of what is included in frame


  3. Second level of agenda setting modelbuilds upon the idea that an agenda is an abstract notion and that many other things other than those issues could be on the list


  4. Chapel Hill studywhat is included in frame


  5. Cognitive psychology emerges as rival to behaviorism1950s