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  1. Cognitive psychology emerges as rival to behaviorism
  2. Agenda
  3. Media framing
  4. Intermedia agenda setting
  5. Greater need for orientation
  1. a second level of agenda setting model
  2. b 1950s
  3. c list of items in the order of importance, with most important at the top
  4. d when elite media set the agenda for other media
  5. e greater relevance + greater degree of uncertainty

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  1. collective process in which media, government and public influence one another in determining which issues are considered to be important
  2. Yagade and Dozier
  3. tone of picture
  4. four dimensions of framing
  5. issues public does not experience directly

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  1. Chapel Hill studyissues public does not experience directly


  2. Early recognizerspeople who recognize an issue early in the stages of its development


  3. Involves information processing by individual audience membershow agenda setting works


  4. Need for orientationgreater relevance + greater degree of uncertainty


  5. Agenda settings may take place for unobtrusive issues but not for obtrusiveYagade and Dozier