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bleehhh im such a good child

Teem ( v )

to be overflowing

Ordain (v)

to establish by law, decreed, proclaim

Stupor (n)

dazed condition, trance

Prevail (v)

triumph, succeed, overcome

Transit (n)

passage, journey, travel, transport

Ominous (adj)

threatening, warning

Lament (v)

mourn, grieve, cry

Musing (n)

thought, consideration

Allot (v)

allocate, ration, grieve, apportion

Incantation (n)

chant, spell, charm, summons

Acolytes (n)

assistants at religous service

Deluge (n)

flood, inundation, torrential rain

Deluge (v)

drench, satuate, soak, flood

Firmament (n)

sky, heavens

Libation (n)

liquid given as an offering to a god

Sloughed (v)

cast off, shed

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