16 terms

Gilgamesh Vocabulary

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Teem ( v )
to be overflowing
Ordain (v)
to establish by law, decreed, proclaim
Stupor (n)
dazed condition, trance
Prevail (v)
triumph, succeed, overcome
Transit (n)
passage, journey, travel, transport
Ominous (adj)
threatening, warning
Lament (v)
mourn, grieve, cry
Musing (n)
thought, consideration
Allot (v)
allocate, ration, grieve, apportion
Incantation (n)
chant, spell, charm, summons
Acolytes (n)
assistants at religous service
Deluge (n)
flood, inundation, torrential rain
Deluge (v)
drench, satuate, soak, flood
Firmament (n)
sky, heavens
Libation (n)
liquid given as an offering to a god
Sloughed (v)
cast off, shed