The Atlantic World and Exploration


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lands that are controlled by another nation
Spanish explorers who followed Cortes
Spanish conquered the Muslim and imposed their culture on them
colonists who were born in Spain
a person mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
a grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it
Why were the Spanish interested in establishing colonies in the Americas?
so they could prosper from the riches and the labor from the conquered natives
Why might Montezuma have thought Cortes was a god?
because he came in big ships unfamiliar to the Aztecs
What actions showed that Columbus had an interest in empire even on his first voyage?
he searched other islands by San Salvador for gold and started his claim on each one
How are the conquistadors and Spanish missionaries similar?
they are both searching for something; conquistadors for gold and Spanish for people to convert to the Catholic faith
How did the end of the encomienda system lead to the use of enslaved Africans?
when the system was abolished, Spain needed people to complete labor
Why was the Pueblo victory over the Spaniards in 1680 singnificant?
because it gave the native 12 years to live without Spanish rule
Which 2 countries led the way in Atlantic slave trade?
Spain and Portugal
When did England abolish the slave trade in its empire?
Why was Portugal the leader in exploration?
they had lots of government support in exploring and Henry had created a school just for exploration
Why was the Treaty of Tordesillas written?
so Spain & Portugal would agree to not cross the Line of Demarcation and that they would respect its cause
Which country had the first European settlers in the Americas?
List 2 things that helped Europeans defeat the native populations in the new world.
1. diseases
2. other native groups that hated the Aztecs
Explain why Africans were thought to be better used as slaves than the native populations in the Americas.
they had diseases so they were immune, they had already had experience in plantation, they didn't know their way around new land so it'd be hard to escape and their skin color made it easier to capture them if they did try and escape
What was the largest negative impact of the Colombian Exchange on the Native American population?
established the colony at Massachusetts Bay
Zheng He
the only explorer sent out by China; gave away everything he sailed with in order to show the splendor of China
settled Plymouth colony in Massachusetts
claimed the lower Mississippi River valley for France and named it Louisiana
Da Gama
Portuguese explorer that explored the east coast of Africa and reached the port of Calicut on the southwestern coast of India
Italian explorer who found New York Harbor for the French
1492, found San Salvador. Sailed to find China- Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina. Was supported by Ferdinand and Isabella. Went on 4 voyages. 1st person to see land was Rodrigo de Triana.
A Portuguese sailor. Sailed from Portugal in 1500. Found and claimed Brazil for Portugal.
1st European to see the Pacific
As the "Father of New France", he established French claims for Quebec and befriended the Huron Indians
Marquette and Joliet
French explorers who sailed down the Mississippi River to the Arkansas River and claimed this area for France.
Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in what is now Peru and founded the city of Lima (1475-1541)
Who marched their force of about 600 men through Mexico to conquer the Aztec mpire?
Hernando Cortes
What was the purpose of Chritopher Columbus' 2nd voyage?
to establish Spanish colonies on the islands of the Caribbean
Who and his army defeated the Inca by killing a largely unarmed group and then kidnapping and murdering their king?
Francisco Pizarro