Aquatic Biome
Thriving coral reefs require
dissolved oxygen and nutrients
All of the following threaten the survival of coral reefs except
predation by sharks
In your explorations as a marine biologist, you find a new species of algae floating on the surface of a coastal zone. You would most likely classify this species as
In a sample from a mud flat, you observe cyanobacteria under the microscope. You are most likely to classify this organism as
All of the following organisms would be considered part of the benthos except
An aquatic environment
dissolves nutrients and makes them readily available.
Oxygen in the water varies widely because of
number of producers, decomposers, consumers, and temperature
Zooplankton are
You are scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean and find a new diatom you classify as phytoplankton. One piece of your supporting evidence for this classification is that you found the diatom in the