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Four phases of the human sexual response pattern:

Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

During the ________ phase of the human sexual response pattern, physiological changes in the body consist of increases in breathing rate, pulse rate and blood pressure, complete lubrication of the vagina and erection of the penis.


Research supports the notion that ________ factors contribute to sexual orientation

Environmental, cognitive, genetic and hormonal

________ is the body's tendency to maintain a balanced state.


An individual's ________ refers to the direction of the person's erotic interests, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

Sexual orientation

True or false: Investigators typically find no differences among lesbians, gays, bisexuals and heterosexuals in a wide range of attitudes, behaviors, and psychological adjustment.


In a study by ________, participants who were aroused as a result if an epinephrine injection were influenced by the emotions of those around them.

Schacter & Singer (1962)

A ________ is a deprivation that energizes the drive to eliminate or reduce the deprivation


The ________ nervous system prepares the body for action

Sympathetic nervous system

________ is an example of a need.

Oxygen, food

A ________ is an aroused state that occurs because of some physiological deprivation, while a ________ refers to the deprivation that energizes that aroused state

Drive; need

The sympathetic nervous system causes an increase in

Respiration, heart rate, blood pressure

Stereotyped patterns of expectations for how people should behave sexually are called ________.

Sexual scripts

The ________ states that performance is best under moderate levels of arousal

Yerkes-Dodson law

Sexual beliefs and behaviors vary from place to place suggesting that ________ factors play a role in sexual motivation


The type of motivation that is based on internal factors is ________ motivation and the type of motivation that is based on external factors is ________ motivation.

Intrinsic; extrinsic

The ________ approach to motivation emphasizes the role of instincts in direction behavior


In self-determination theory, the need of ________ is reflected in our desire for nurturing and intimate interactions with others


The process by which an organism pursues important objectives by setting goals and monitoring progress is called ________.


________ showed that universality of emotions do not differ significantly from one culture to another.

Paul Ekman

________ is a characteristic that has been associated with the capacity to thrive during difficult times and it is associated with positive emotions that allow people to cope successfully.


________ rules are sociocultural standards that determine when, where, and how emotions should be expressed.


This concept states that facial expressions not only reflect emotional experience, but also help determine how people experience and label emotions.

Facial-feedback hypothesis

CCK (Cholecystokinin) helps start the digestion of food, travels to the brain through the bloodstream, and signals us to________

Stop eating

During the third phase of the human sexual response pattern, ________ occurs.


Which psychologist demonstrated the universality of emotions by studying members of an isolated New Guinea jungle tribe?

Paul Ekman

What stimulates hunger?

Low blood glucose levels and increased levels of insulin

It is called ________ when one reaches their full potential as a human being.


True or false: Focusing on "hot thoughts" by imagining the desirable attributes of an activity increases one's ability to delay gratification


Predominate class of sex hormones in females are ________ and the predominate class of sex hormones in males are________.

Estrogens; androgens

Our eating is influenced not only by emotional factors but by learned associations with

Time and place

A gene that controls the production of ________ appears to be implicated in human obesity.


A ________ is a deprivation that energizes the drive to eliminate or reduce the deprivation.


________ is the neurotransmitter involved with orgasm.


Studies suggest that we can increase our happiness and psychological well-being by expressing


In self-determination theory the need of ________ refers to our desire to have control over our own life.


The three basic needs of self-determination theory are:

Competence, autonomy and relatedness

Competence, autonomy and relatedness are the three basic needs of ________.

Self-determination theory

In male cats, damages to the temporal lobe may result in...

Copulation with inappropriate partners

True or false: The set point is partly determined by the amount of fat stored in the body.


The ________ model argues that positive emotions are adaptive because they help us to build our resources by expanding our attentional focus.


Anxiety, anger, guilt and sadness are referred to as ________ affect.


Damage to the ________ hypothalamus may cause an animal to starve to death.


The ________ is the part of the brain that regulates important body functions, including hunger.


The two independent dimensions that describe a number of emotional states, sometimes called a circumplex model of mood states:

Arousal, valence

What are the two lower needs in Maslow's hierarchy?

Safety and physiological needs

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