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chapter 11 quiz

one of hte first lessons learned by the Jeffersonians after their victory in 1800 presidential election was....
that it is easier to condem from the stump than to govern consistently
one of the greater problems that John Adams and the Federalists faced in the election of 1800 was
Adams's refusal to take the country to waqr against france
in the election of 1800, the federalists accused Thomas Jefferson of all ofthe following except
supporting high taxes
in the 1800 election Thomas Jefferson won the state of New York because
Aaron Burr used his influence to turn the state to Jefferson
Thoms Jefferson recieved the bulk of his support from the
South and West
in 1800, Thomas Jefferson was chosen president by the
house of representatives
Thomas Jeffersons "revolution of 1800" was remarkable in that it
marked the peaceful and orderly transfer of power on the basis of election results accepted by all parties
thomas jefferson was elected president by the house of representatives when
a few federalists refrained from voting
thomas jefferson saw his election and his mission as president to include all of the following except
support the establishment of a strong army
as president, thomas jeffersons stand on the political issues that he had previously championed
was reversed
with thomas jeffersons election as president, the democratic-republican party,....
grew less unified as the federalist party began to fade and lose power
thomas jeffersons presidency was characterized by his
moderation in the administration of public policy
upon becoming president thomas jeffeson thomas jefferson and the republicans in congress immediatley repealed
the excise tax on whiskey
when it came to the major federalist economic programs, thomas jefferson as president
left practically all of them intact
thomas jefferson and his folowers opposed john adams last minute appointment of new federal judges mainly because
the appointment was an attempt by a defeated party to entrench itself in the government
the chief justice who carried out, more than any other federal official, the ideas of alexander hamilton concerning a powerful federal government was
john marshall
before he became chief justice of hte supreme court, john marshalls service at valley forge during the american revolution convinced him
of the drawbacks of feeble central authority
the legal precedent for judicial review was established when
the supreme court declared teh judiciary act of 1789 unconstitutional
the case of marbury v. madison involved the question of who had the right to
declare an act of congress unconstituitional
thomas jeffersons failed attempt to impeach and convict supreme court justice samuel chase for " high crimes and misdemeanors" meant that
judicial independence and the separation of powers had been preserved
thomas jefferson distrusted large standing armies because they
could be used to establish dictarorship
thmas jeffersons first major foriegn policy decision was to
send a naval squadron to the mediteranean
thomas jefferson cesased his opposition to the expansion of the navy when the
pasha of tripoli declared war on the united states
events in chronological order
louisianna purchase, burrs trial of treason,chesapeake incident, embargo act
in order to purchase new orleans from france, thomas jefferson
decided to make an alliance with his old enemy,britian
napoleon chose to sell louisianna to the u.s. because
he had suffered misfortunes in santo domingo, he hoped that the territory would one day help america to thwart the ambitions of the british, he did not want to drive america into tje arms of the british, yellow fever killed many french troops
jefferson had authorized american negotiators to purchase only...... from france.
new orleans and the floridas
lewis and clarks expedition throughout louisiana purchase territory yielded all of the following except
treaties with several indian nations
after killing alexander hamilton in a duel, aaron burr
engaged in a plot to separate the western part of the u.s. from the east
the british policy of impressment was a kind of
forced enlistment
the chesapeake incident involved the flagrant use of