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The Body Stephen King - End of Novella


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What year does the story take place?
What do the boys do in the treehouse?
Play cards, look at girlie books and smoke
Why does Teddy have long hair?
Because when he was eight, his father burned his ears on the burner plates of the stove for breaking a plate. His ears looked like two lumps of warm wax.
Who was Ray Brower?
He was a boy from a town close to Castle Rock. He had gone out two days to pick blueberries and never returned.
What did Vern hear Bill Tessio and Charlie Hogan talking about?
A body they found by the Black Harlow Road
What is Chris's father like?
Nearly always drunk, doesn't have a job and would often beat Chris
Why weren't Goldie's parents interested in what he did?
He came as a surprise, Dennis was their favorite
How does Milo Pressman, the owner of the dump, make Teddy angry?
By insulting his father, calling him a madman
How had Teddy's father become crazy?
He fought on the beaches of Normandy
How does Vern Tessio die?
In a house fire
How does Teddy Duchamp die?
Crashed his car while drinking
How does Chris Chambers die?
He stopped two men from fighting and was stabbed in the throat
What happens to Geordie Lachance later in life?
He becomes a writer
How do the police find out about the body?
An anonymous phone call