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The intentional mistreatment or harm of another person


Intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the person's consent


Touching a person's body without his or her consent

Boundary Crossing

A brief act or behavior outside of the helpful zone

Boundary Sign

An act, behavior, or thought that warns of a boundary crossing or violation

Boundary Violation

An act or behavior that meets your needs, not the person's needs

Civil Laws

Laws concerned with relationships between individuals


An act that violates a criminal law

Criminal Law

Laws concerned with offenses against the public and society in general


Injuring a person's name and reputation by making false statements to a third person


Knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct

False Imprisonment

Unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's freedom of movement


Saying or doing something to trick, fool, or deceive a person

Invasion of Privacy

Violating a person's right not to have his or her name, photo, or private affairs exposed or made public without giving consent


A rule of conduct made by a government body


Making false statements in print, writing, or through pictures or drawings


Negligence by a professional person

Professional Boundary

That which seperates helpful behaviors from behaviors that are not helpful

Professional Sexual Misconduct

An act, behavior, or comment that is sexual in nature

Protected Health Information

Identifying information and information about the person's health care that is maintained or sent in any form (paper, electronic, oral)


A person's behaviors that put him or her at high risk for harm; health and safety are threatened


Making false statements orally

Standard of Care

The skills, care, and judgments required by a health team member under similar conditions


A wrong committed against another or the persons property.

Vulnerable Adult

A person 18 years or older who has a disability or condition that makes him or her at risk to be wounded, attacked, or damaged


A legal document that specifies how you want your property to be distributed after your death.


American Nurses Association


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act


Licensed Nursing Assistant


Licensed Practical Nurse


Licenced Vocational Nurse


National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses


Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act


Registered Nurse


Having a bad opinion of people because of the group they belong to.


Failure to take reasonable care


Negligence by a professional person


Accountable under the law


Making false statements orally


Making false statements in print, writing, or through pictures or drawings

Physical Abuse

Inflicting physical injury and harm on another person

Involuntary Seclusion

Separation of patient from other patients or people, against the patient's will


Taking what belongs to someone else and using it illegally for one's own gain.

Emotional Abuse

Inflicting mental pain or distress through verbal or non verbal acts


The discontinuation of medical care without proper notice

Rape or sexual assault

Forced sexual acts with a person against his or her will


Sexual advances toward a child: Includes kissing, touching or fondling the child


Sexual activity between family members who are not partners

Child Pornography

Taking pictures or videotaping a child involved in sexual acts or poses

Child Prostitution

Forcing a child to engage in sexual activity for money

Substance Abuse

Misuse of drugs that damage an individual's health and ability to function

Controlled Substance

A drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are controlled by law

Child Abandonment

Leaving a child under the age of 14 without parental or appropriate care

Verbal Abuse

Mistreating someone through repeated verbal insults or threats

Economic Abuse

Forced into a situation because of a need for resources

Social Abuse

Controlling friendships and other relationships

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